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Session Thursday, November 1, 2001
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
Substrate Preparation and Stud Pull Adhesion of Metal Films on Graphite-Epoxy Composites
Polymer-metal Interfaces: The Influence of a Metallic Surface on the Interphase Formation Mechanisms
Acid-base Characterisation of Metallic Surfaces
Effects of Plasma Treatment on Solder Resist Investigated by Contact Angle, XPS and AFM
Correlation between Surface Topography and Corrosion Rate: An Investigation by Scanning Force Microscopy
Corrosion Studies Using X-Ray Techniques
The Physical and Chemical Surface Structure of Iron Exposed to Carbon Tetrachloride-Saturated Water
Adsorption of Organic Acids onto the Surface of 2024-T3 Aluminium Alloy: The Role of Intermetallic Particles
Developmental Studies of Electrical Activity of Artificially Constructed Neuronal Cell Networks
The Affects of Geometric Constraints on Neuronal Process Extension
The Use of Surface Composition to Control Cell Phenotype Expression
Stretching and Fibroblast Growth on GRGDSP-Peptide Modified Silicone Membranes
Surface Characterization and HCAEC Adhesion Studies of IPN Modified 316 L Stainless Steel
Improved Functionalization for Chemically Patterned Polystyrene Surfaces
Controlled Cell Adhesion on Honeycomb Films of Biodegradable Polymers
New Substrates for Retinal Cell Transplantation
In-situ Analysis, Monitoring and Control of III-V-Semiconductor Epitaxial Growth
Direct Numerical Inversion of Real-time Ellipsometric Data for Monitoring and Control of Optical Filter Deposition
Integrated Multiwavelength Parallel-processing Rotating-compensator Ellipsometer/Reflectance-difference Spectrometer for Real-time Measurement and Control of OMCVD Growth
In-situ Monitoring of Ag Film Growth on Si(111)7x7 Surface by Optical Second Harmonic Generation
RHEED Intensity Oscillation during Thermal Oxidation on Si(001) Surface with O2
SR-TXRF for the Investigation of the Deposition Mechanism of Trace Cu Impurities on Si Wafer Surfaces
John Thornton Award Lecture - Magnetic Multilayers: Past, Present and Future 1
Occupied and Unoccupied Metallic Quantum Well States in the Cu/fccM/Cu(100) [M=Ni, Fe] System
The Magnetic Properties of Fe50Mn50/Cu Multilayers
Magnetic Reversal of Exchange-coupled Co/Pt Multilayers Probed by Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering
Magnetic Phases of Fe Monolayers on Ni/Cu(001)
Spin-resolved Electronic Structure Studies of Ultrathin Films of Fe on GaAs
Growth Mode Dependence of Magneto Optical Signal Evolution in an Ultrathin Film: Layer by Layer vs. 3D Growth
Integration of a Honeycomb Micromirror with a Surface Micromachined 2D Scanner for Improved Performance
Freestanding Microheater in Si with High Aspect Ratio Microstructures
MEMS and NEMS Physical and Chemical Sensors: Fabrication and Integration
Fabrication of Novel Si3N4 Micromesh Spider Web Bolometer Using Deep Trench Etching on SOI Wafer
Analog Beam Steering Vertical Comb Drive MEMS Actuator
An Integrated MEMS Fabrication Technology Using SU-8 Negative Resists and Conducting Polymers
Elimination of Defects on Quartz Plate Surface Induced by Deep Drying Etching and Subsequent Quartz Plate Bonding
Production Plasma Etching of PZT Structures for Piezoelectric Actuators
Self-Organized Growth of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Applications of Quantum Dots in Photonic and Resonant Tunneling Devices
Single-electron Transistor Based on a 7 nm Gold Particle with Carbon Nanotube Leads
Control Over Spin Effects in Quantum Dot Structures
Probing the Dependence of the Spin Splitting in Quantum Dots on Residual Disorder
Electronic Devices Using Single Electron Effects
Interface Formation in Organic Thin Film Transistors: A Photoemission Spectroscopy Study
Controlling Metallic Contacts to Self-Assembled Monolayers and Molecular Electronic Devices
Dependence of Electrical Properties of Metal/Organic/Metal Systems on Interface Electronic Structure, Morphology and Chemistry
Organic Modified Schottky Contacts: Barrier Height Engineering and Chemical Stability
Characterization of Organic/organic' Heterojunctions using UV and X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopies and Luminescence Quenching
The Influence of Substrate Interactions on the Metallicity of Polyaniline Films*
The Electronic Structure Studies of Fluoride Layer Insertion between Al and Organic EL Material1
Direct Observation of Fermi Level Pinning at LUMO in Alkali Metal Doped Organic Films
Recent Progress on Silica-based Planar Lightwave Circuits for Photonic Networks
Silica Deep Etching with Vertical and Smooth Sidewall and Reduced RIE Lag
Development of Integrated Multifunctional Optical Sensors based on III-Nitrides Grown on Si
Application of Photosensitive Methylsilsesquiazane(MSZ) to Lithographic Fabrication of Three Dimensional Periodic Structures
Microphotonics: The Next Platform for the Information Age
Predicitve Profile Evolution Simulation in Plasma Etching
Investigation of Fluorocarbon PECVD from c-C4F8 for use as Passivation during Deep Silicon Etching
Ions in Holes - Experimental Measurements of Ion Trajectories Inside Surface Features on rf-biased Wafers
Gate Etching for ULSI Technology : Critical Dimension Control in the sub 0.1 µm Regime
Determination of the Mechanisms Involved in the Creation of the Bowing during the Etching of Deep Anisotropic Trenches in an ICP Reactor
Investigation of Plasma Etching of SiO2 Contact Holes using a Statistical Method and a Theoretical Profile Evolution Model1
Direct Surface Structural Determination using Correlated Thermal Diffuse Scattering
Atomic Structures of the of InP (111) Surface
Surface Stress and the Morphology of Si(111) near Tc
Origin of the Wide Si(7 7 17) Domain Parasitic on Si(5 5 12) Surface
First-Principles Study of Thermal Fluctuation of Si(111)√3 X √3 - Ag Surface Appeared in Non contact AFM Images
Adsorption of C2H2 on Si(100) - New High Resolution Core-level Photoemission and Photoelectron Diffraction Results
The Effect of an As-flux on the Surface Structure During the Growth of Si on GaAs(001) c(4x4)
Thin CexZr2-xO2(111) Films as Model Catalytic Converter Oxygen Storage Materials
Metal and Oxide Particles on Oxide Supports: Vanadium and Vanadia Deposits on Alumina
Atomic-scale STM Study of Model Catalysts for Hydrodesulfurization
A Temperature Programmed Desorption Study of Propene Adsorption on Gold Islands Dispersed on TiO2(110)
Atom-resolved and Nano-scale Structures and Catalyses at TiO2 and CeO2 Single Crystal Surfaces
Investigations of Size-Dependent Surface Chemistry on Metal Nanoparticles: Dimethyl Methylphosphonate Reaction on Cu/TiO2(110)
Catalytic Oxidation of Propylene on Stepped Pt(411): In-situ Mechanistic Studies Over an Extended Pressure Range
A Model Catalyst in Action: A Flow-reactor-STM Study of CO-oxidation on Pt(110)
The Structures and Phase Transformations of CO and NO on Rh(111) in the Torr Pressure Range Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
The Use of Instabilities in Epitaxial Growth for Lateral Patterning of Surfaces
Evolution of Mounds during Ag/Ag(100) Homoepitaxy: Temperature Dependence of Pre-asymptotic Behavior
Mechanisms for Hole Formation in Surface Alloy Systems: Rh/Ag(001)1
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Thin Film Nucleation through Molecular Cluster Beam Deposition: Effect of Incident Angle
Scanning-tunneling/Atomic-force Microscopy Study of the Growth of KBr Films on InSb(001)
In situ Variable Temperature-pressure STM on Selected Nanoparticles: From Nucleation and Growth to High Pressure Stability
Characterization by XPS, LEED and STM of Silicon Deposited onto HfB2 (0001)
Heteroepitaxy of a Manganese Carbonate on Calcite in Aqueous Solutions
Ionized-PVD with Quasi-Stationary High Power Magnetron Sputtering
Ionization of Sputtered Titanium Atoms in Radio Frequency Magnetron Sputtering
High Rate Growth of Cu Thin Films Using New Magnetron Sputtering Source
Low Temperature Hollow Cathode Sputter Deposition of Al2O3 Thin Films
Influence of the Growth Conditions of AlN Films by Laser Ablation
Low Temperature and Plasma Damage Free Deposition of Silicon Dioxide on Novel Film Deposition Method Called a Radical Shower-CVD (RS-CVD)
Partial Pressure Measurements at milliTorr Pressure using a Miniature RGA with an Electron Multiplier
The Use of a Quadrupole Residual Gas Analyser to Automatically Verify the Purity of Tokamak Fuelling Gases
Calibration Stability of Hot Cathode Ionization Gauges: A Discussion of the Importance of Electron Path Length and Gauge Constant
Calibrating Cold-Cathode Gauges at Very Low Pressures
Residual Gas Analysis using Microengineered Systems
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