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Session Wednesday, October 27, 1999
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Monte Carlo Simulations for Tilted Electron Multipliers1
Gaede-Langmuir Award Address: Early Development of Auger and ESCA Instrumention
Consistent, Combined Quantitative AES and XPS Digital Data Bases - Convergence of Theory and Experiment
Relationships between Parameters Describing Inelastic Electron Scattering in Solids
Straightforward Methods for Accurate Estimation of Attenuation Length and Similar Quantities in XPS and AES
Quantitative Auger Spectroscopy: Applications to Process Development and Qualification of Tungsten Silicide Films
Naphthalocyanine Molecules onto Si(111)7x7 and Si(100)2x1: Modes of Adsorption and Effects of Oxygen Doping Investigated with XPS
Technique for Production of Calibrated Metal Hydride Films
The Role of SIMS for Interface Control in the MBE Growth of InGaSb/InAS Strained Layer Superlattices
Fabrication of Biologically Active Interfaces upon Self-Organization of Amphiphilic Polymers
Reactions of Biological Cells to Nanostructures
Engineering Cell Surface Chemistry
Biocompatibility of Cardiac Cells on Silane-Modified Surfaces
Biomaterials That Talk
Biofunctionalization of Surfaces with Peptide Amphiphiles
Plasma Copolymer Surfaces for Cell Culture
Mechanical Properties of a Bone Marrow Cell-Knit Composite for Tissue Engineering: Evolution under Mechanical Load
The Effect of Lipopolysaccharide Structure and Composition on Microbial Cell Adhesion
Homoepitaxy on AlSb(001): Novel Reconstructions and Their Implications for Nucleation and Growth
A New Point Projection Microscope for the Holographic Imaging of Single Macromolecules
Single Molecule Vibrational Spectroscopy with a Variable Temperature STM
Characterization of Electronic Materials and Devices by Scanning Probe Microscopies
Mapping Composition and Electrostatic Potential in Devices
Failure Analysis of Sub 1/4-Micron Contacts by Means of TEM-EELS
Applications of AFM/SCM in Imaging Implant Structures of Semiconductor Devices
Capacitance Measurements on Gold Nanowires
Models of Spin-dependent Tunneling
High Performance Demonstration of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Random Access Memory*
Pinhole Decoration in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
Novel Hybrid Magnetoelectronic Device for Magnetic Field Sensing
Andreev and Conduction Electron Spectroscopy of Interfacial Spin Transport
Spin-Polarization of La2/3√sub 1/3MnO3
Electrical Spin Injection into LED Heterostructures
Electron Spin Interferometry
Low Open Area Endpoint Detection of Plasma Etching Processes
Broad Band RF Based Sensing and Control of Reactive Ion Etching
Diagnostic and Plasma Etch Endpoint Applications using Full Spectrum Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Real Time Control of Plasma Deposited Optical Filters by Multiwavelength Ellipsometry
Real Time and Run-to-Run Process Control of Plasma Processes Using Internal Machine and External Sensor Data
Advanced Endpoint Capability in Plasma Processing Equipment Using Interferometer Technique
Reaction Sensing in Multicomponent CVD Processes using an Acoustic Sensor
Improvements in Wafer Temperature Measurements
"MILLIPEDE" - A Highly Parallel, Very Dense AFM-Based Data Storage System
Scanning Probe Lithography of Silicon Nitride Thin Films
Nanolithography and Pattern Transfer of (110)-oriented Silicon Using Scanning Probe Lithography and Anisotropic Wet Etching
Patterning of Silicon Surfaces With a Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscope: Attomol Chemistry and Nanofabrication
Fabrication of Nanoscale Metal Wires on the Si(001) Surface Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Growth and Characterisation of Submicrometer Regular Arrays of Pillars and Helices
Plasma Polymerization as a Novel Means of Preparing Concentric-Tubular Composite Microstructures
Fabrication of Bismuth Nanowires with a Silver Nanocrystal Shadowmask
Fabrication of Metal Nano-wires using Carbon Nanotube Masks
Strain Effects on the Growth Modes at Stepped Surfaces
The Ion-Assisted Etching and Profile Development of Silicon in Molecular and Atomic Chlorine
Investigation through Simulation of the Effect of Ar Addition on the Cl+/Cl2+ Ratio in Chlorine Discharges
Does Mask Charging Influence Sidewall Trench Formation ?
Modeling Feature Evolution in Plasma Processes
Feature Profile Evolution of SiO2 Trenches in Fluorocarbon Plasmas
Application of an Integrated Feature Scale Model to Ionized PVD of Cu Barrier and Seed Processes
Analysis and Simulation of Mask Erosion During Dry Etching
Characterization of Photoresist Trimming in a Lam TCP9400 With the Aid of a Profile Simulation
Temporal Diffraction: A New Method for Studying Surface Kinetics
Similarities in Tensile and Compressive Strain Relief in Growth of Cu and Ag on Ru(0001)1
Step-Step Interactions on TaC(910)1
Phosphide Phases on Cu(001): a Helium Atom Scattering Study
Ordered Alloying of Pd with the Mo(001) Surface
Alkali-Metal-induced 3x1 Reconstruction of the Ge(111) Surface
High-Resolution Structural Analysis of Te/Ge(001)
A Novel STM Imaging Mechanism Used to Resolve the Atomic Structure of the As-Rich GaAs(001)-(2x4) Surface
Dislocations, Phason Defects, and Domain Walls in a One-dimensional Quasiperiodic Superstructure of a Metallic Thin Film
The Surface Reconstructions of InP(001)
Trapping and Desorption of Energetic Cu Atoms on Cu(111) and (001)Surfaces at Grazing Incidence
Dynamics of NO+ Abstraction of Oxygen on Al(111)
Oxygen Negative Ion Emission from Al(100) Bombarded by Li+ Ions
Matrix Dependent He+ Neutralization by Adsorbates: An ISS Study of S and Cl on TiO2(110)
Hyperhhermal Ion - Surface Interactions
Dissociation and Energy Distribution Processes in XY-(CO2)n (XY = ICl, I2, and Br2) Collision onto Silicon Surface
Angle Resolved Measurements of Ions and Neutrals Scattered from HOPG Surfaces upon Hyperthermal Glancing Incidence Irradiation with Large Polyatomic Ions: Charge Changing and Impact Orientation Phenomena
Surface Structure Determination by Angle-Resolved Mass Spectroscopy of Recoiled Ions
Depth Information in Direct Recoiling Peak Shapes: Simulations from Model Surfaces
Hyperthermal-energy Ion Scattering on Si(100)
Spectroscopic Nonlinear Optical Responses of Clean, H-terminated and Ge-covered (2x1)Si(001)
Si Surface Passivation: Si(111):GaSe versus Si(111):As
Electron Excitations and Optical Properties of Semiconductor Surfaces
Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of the √3x√3 R30° Phase of Sn/Si(111)
Electronic Structure of the 3C-SiC(001)-c(4x2) Surface
Photoemission Spectroscopy of Platinum Overlayers on Silicon Dioxide Films
The Behavior of Metallic Quantum Well State Dispersions in the Cu/fccCo/Cu(100) System as a Function of Film Thickness
Atomic and Electronic Structure of Ag/Ni(110) and Ni/Ag(100)
Spin-Orbit-Split Surface States in Clean and Alkali-Metal-Covered W(110)1
Resonant Auger Studies of Metallic Systems
Detection of Photons Using Thin Films in Semiconductor MEMS
Sputtered Coatings for Microfluidic Applications
A Novel Thin-Film Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell for Microscale Energy Conversion
Thin Films in MEMS and MOEMS
Residual Stresses in MEMS Structures
Investigation and Modeling of Electrical Resistance in Polysilicon Thermal Actuators
Microstructural and Surface Morphological Evolution at the Atomic Scale during the Growth of Polycrystalline TiN: a TEM, XRD, HT-STM, and Modeling Study
High Refractive Index <100>-Textured Cubic Zirconia Formed in Nanolaminate Coatings Using Titania Interruption Layers
Tribological Performance and Initial Finite Element Modeling of Reactively Sputtered Single and Multi-layer Chromium Nitride Thin Films
Protective Coatings for Extreme Environments
Interface Engineering in a Combined Arc/ UBM Deposition System during Growth of Ti0.5Al0.5N Films on Steel: Effects of Substrate Ion Etching
Plasma Treatment of Polycarbonate for Improved Adhesion
The Effects of Electron Beam Assistance on the Properties of Ion Beam Deposited CN Thin Films
Affect on Pumping-Speed Measurements Due to Variations of Test Dome Design Based on Monte-Carlo Analysis
A Highly Simplified and Reliable Means of Regenerating Closed-Loop Gaseous Helium Cryopumps
Review of Pumping by Thermal Molecular Pressure
Inner Pressure Measurement of Turbo Molecular Pump
Measurement of Axial Pressure Distribution on a Rotor of a Helical Grooved Molecular Drag Pump
An MHD Plasma Vacuum Pump
Stable Sputter Ion Pump Design
Dry Vacuum Pumps for Semiconductor Processes - Guidelines for Primary Pump Selection
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