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Session Wednesday, October 27, 1999
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The Pleasure and Pain of Working with Insulators
Surface Segregation in NixCo(1-x)O and MnxCo(1-x)O Solid Solutions
Dynamics of CO Adsorption on O-ZnO: a Molecular Beam Study
Compositional Heterogeneity in Cerium-Based Mixed Oxides Observed by XPS
The Formation of Magnesium Oxide Layer using the MgO Precursor Solution and its Secondary Electron Emission
Reactivity of Formic Acid (HCOOD and DCOOH) at Uranium and UO2 Surfaces
Characterisation of Ceramics Thin Films Deposited by Plasma Assited CVD
XPS and UPS Characterization of Single Crystal NaNO3 and NaNO2: Influence of Laser Irradiation at 248 nm
Surface Defects on Amorphous Aluminum Oxide Films as Corrosion Initiation Sites
Forces and Mechanisms of Self-Assembly: Non-Equilibrium and Transient Effects
Pulling Protein Networks in 2D
Separation of Long DNA in a Microfabricated Channel with Submicron Constrictions
Engineered Nanostructures to Control Microtubule Motion Along Kinesin Tracks
Force and Compliance Spectroscopy of Single Peptide Molecule
Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy by AFM, Nanomechanics Meets Molecular Biology
Characterization of Antibody-Antigen Interaction Forces With Magnetic Tweezers
Probing the Nano-environments of Peptides on Solid Surfaces by Advanced Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Materials and Devices for Optical Communication
Nano-Crystal and Quantum-Dot Memories: Implications Small Dimensions, Quantum Confinement and Interface States
Fabrication and Manipulation of Silicon Nanocrystals for Non-Volatile Memory Applications1
Architectonics of Defect-Tolerant Molecular Circuitry
Carbon Nanotubes - a New Class of 1D Conductors
Hot Electron Attenuation Lengths in Magnetic Multilayers
Exchange Bias in Fe/Cr Double Superlattices
Surface Diffusion Mechanism for the Exchange Coupling between a Ferromagnetic Layer and an Antiferromagnetic Layer
Magnetic Stability of Exchange Coupled Magnetic Systems
CPP-GMR for Magnetoelectronic Memory
High-Speed Dynamics of Submicrometer GMR Devices
RF Diode Sputter Deposition of GMR Multilayers
Effects of UV Illumination on Dry Etch Rates of NiFe-based Magnetic Multilayers
Micro-Science and Tribology
Deposition, Characterization and Degradation of Vacuum-deposited Fluorinated Alkylsiloxane Films
Vapor-Phase Lubricants: Nanometer-scale Mechanisms and Applications to Sub-micron Machinery
Adhesion Performance of Silane Coupling Agents at High Humidity Levels
Adhesion Properties of Gold-on-Gold Microswitch Contacts
Environmental Effects on the Tribological Behavior of Silane-Treated Micromachines1
Selective Organophosphonate Chemical Sensors Using Self-Assembled Composite Monolayers and Adsorption-Induced Stresses in MEMS Devices
Nanofabrication and Electrostatic Operation of Single-crystal Silicon Paddle Oscillators
MEMS-Based Force Detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
Micrometrology with Scanning Probes
Chemical Process Sensing using Mass Spectrometry in Multicomponent Reaction Systems
Mechanisms for the Production of Atomically Flat Surfaces Studied by Scanning Probe Microscopy1
Investigation of Thermal Curing of an Organic Low-k Spin-on Dielectric by Variable-Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Assessment of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry as an In Situ HDP-CVD Process Diagnostic Technique
Determining Ion Flux and Ion Energy from Radio-Frequency Current and Voltage Measurements
Linking Process and Structure using Automated Analysis of AFM Images
Making and Modifying Carbon Nanotubes
Roles of Fe, Co, and Ni in the Formation of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Encapsulated Nanoparticles
Plume Diagnostics During Carbon Nanotube Production by Laser Ablation
Synthesis and Integration of Carbon Nanotubes
Growth of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes on Transition-metal Catalyzed Plain Silicon Substrates using Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
Carbon Nanotube Tips: Structures and Properties
Electrochemical Deposition of Carbon Nanofilaments
A Study on the Growth of Carbon Nanotubes with Respect to Process Conditions
Dielectric Etching : From Oxide to Low k Dielectrics
Surface Kinetics Study of Silicon Dioxide Etching with Fluorocarbons in Inductively-coupled Plasmas
Chemical Bonding Arrangement Approach for Selective Radical Generation in High-density, Low-pressure Fluorocarbon Plasma
Flux Control for High-Aspect-Ratio Contact Hole Etching
Etching Chemistry and Kinetics of BCB Low-k Dielectric Films
The Effect of Capacitive Coupling on Inductively Coupled Fluorocarbon Plasma Processing
High Density Plasmas Etching of Low Dielectric Constant Materials
A Mechanism of Oxide to Nitride Selective RIE
SiON SAC Etching Technique Using C4F8/CH2F2/Ar Plasma for 0.18┬Ám Technology and Beyond
How Does Ion Bombardment Produce Enhanced Etching?
Desorption Species from Fluorocarbon Film by Ar+ Ion Beam Bombardment
NH3 / Cl2 Gas Assisted Etching of Copper with Focused Ion Beams
Guided Ion-beam Studies of Low Energy Cu+ and Cu2+ Ion Interactions with Mo
Ion Solid Surface Interactions in IMP Cu PVD
Deposition and Etching Using Fluorocarbon Ions: Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Comparison of Thin-Film Nucleation and Growth from Ion-Beam and Cluster-Beam Deposition: Atomistic Simulations
Understanding Plasma Polymerization by Mass Selected Ions: 25 - 50 eV CF3+ vs. C3F5+ Ion Modification of Polystyrene
Surface Interactions of Plasma-Generated NH2 Radicals
FT-IR and XPS Study of Plasma-treated Acrylic Coating Surfaces
Electronic Transport Properties of Silicon Surfaces1
Reinterpretation of the Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of Si(100) (2x1) Dimers-Observation on a Defect Free Surface
STM-Study of the Absorption of Molecular Oxygen on GaAs(100)
Chaotic-like Wavefunction Beating in Thin Silver Films with a Quasiperiodic Superstructure
3C-SiC(100) c(4x2) Surface and Sub-Surface Probed by Core Level Photoemission Spectroscopy Using Synchrotron Radiation and by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Mechanistic Studies of SiO2 Deposition from TEOS / Ozone
Microcalorimetric Heats of Adsorption of Metals on Metal Oxide and Si(100) Surfaces
Nucleation and Growth of Hemispherical Grained Silicon
Characterization by STM of Interface between Silicon and Silicon Dioxide Layers Fabricated by Highly Concentrated Ozone
Significant Effects of Arsenic Ion Implantation on Si Selective Epitaxy by Ultra-High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition
Dissociative Sticking of Small Oxidant Molecules on a Simple Metal; NO, O2, CO and N2 on Al(111)
Chemical Selectivity and Remote Dissociation- ICl/Al(111)
Quantum-State-resolved Studies of Elastic and Inelastic Scattering of H2 from Cu and Pd
Atom Scattering From Atomic Surfactants
Molecular Beam Studies of the Extrinsic Precursor State: Trapping of Alkanes on Alkane-Covered Pt(111)
Influence of Rotational Energy on Adsorption Probability for a Physisorbed System: C2H4 on Ag(001)
Vibrational-State-Selected Studies of Gas-Surface Dynamics
Reactive Scattering Dynamics of Fast Atoms with Hydrocarbon Surfaces: Initial and Steady-State Reactions
The Phase Diagram of a Self-Organizing Nano-Array
Tunneling on Ag and Au: Surface State Spectroscopy and Magic Molecular Clusters
Step Energetics of Pb(111) Vicinal Surfaces from Facet Shape
Control of Monolayer Island Vacancies on Pt(111) and their Impact on Surface Chemistry
Coalescence Dynamics of Small Pt Clusters on Pt(111) Surfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Spontaneous Island Formation on the GaAs(001) 2x4 Reconstructed Surface
TiN(001) Epitaxy: An in-situ Temperature-Dependent STM and Level-Set Modeling Study
Recent Progresses on High Quality Tin-doped Indium Oxide (ITO) Films
Electrical Properties and Surface Morphology of Heteroepitaxial Grown Tin-doped Indium Oxide Films Deposited by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Influence of the Target-Substrate Distance on the Properties of ITO Films Prepared by rf Reactive Magnetron Sputtering
Properties of Fluorine-Doped Tin-Oxide Films
P-type Transparent Conducting In2O3 - Ag2O Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Electron Beam Evaporation Technique
Mott-Schottky Analysis of Thin ZnO Films
Direct Measurement of Density-of-States Effective Mass and Scattering Mechanisms in Transparent Conducting Oxides Using Second-Order Transport Phenomena
Dry Vacuum Pumps - A Method for the Evaluation of the Degree of Dry
Ebara AAS-series Screw-type Dry Vacuum Pump
Adapting Dry Vacuum Technology to Cu CVD Effluent Abatement in Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Dry Pumping
The Dry Pump in the Industrial Market
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