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Session Friday, November 6, 1998
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM 11:20 AM
An Overview of the Applications of Surface Analysis Techniques in Semiconductor Technology
An Evaluation of SIMS Analytical Capabilities For Sub-0.25 Micron Implant Technology
Accurate Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) and Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) Characterization of SiGe Stoichiometry and Hetero-Junction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) Dopant Levels
A Comparison Auger and TOF-SIMS Depth Profiling of Silicon Oxide Nitride Multilayers Using Low Incident Ion Energy
A New High Performance TOF-SIMS Instrument for 300 mm Wafer Inspection
Automated Process Monitoring Using ESCA and Numerical Methods
Measurement of Carrier Concentration and Lattice Absorption in Bulk and Epitaxial Silicon Carbide Using Infrared Ellipsometry
Si Dopant Site Within Ion Implanted GaN Lattice
Laser Assisted Etching of InP Studied with XPS
Optical, Structural, and Morphological Properties of Epitaxial AlxGa(1-x)N(0001) Films Grown by Gas-Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Investigation of High Temperature Characteristics of Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Diode Structures Fabricated Using BN Layers Grown on GaN and SiC
Chemical Beam Epitaxy of GaAsN on GaAs (100)
InP Photocathode Surface Preparation by Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning
Deposition and Electroluminescent Properties of Sputter Deposited Zn(x)Mg(1-x)S:Mn
Small Area XPS Analysis of Silicon Wafers Employing Cu Line Technology
Epitaxial Ferroelectric Ba(1-x)√sub xTiO3 Thin Films for Tunable Microwave Devices
Reaction Pathways/Energetics for Chemical Attack of Amorphous Si-O-F and C-F-(H,OH) Low-k Dielectric Thin Films by Water Molecules
Carbon Incorporation in SiGeC Alloys Grown by UHV/CVD
XPS Study of the Role of Ti and TiN Caps on the Cobalt / SiO2 Interface
Magnetization Dynamics: A Study of the Ferromagnet/Antiferromagnet Interface and Exchange Biasing
Switching Field Measurements of Longitudinal Magnetic Recording Media
Magnetic Properties of Submicron Magnetic Wires Fabricated by e-beam Lithography Investigated by using GMR Effect
Magnetic Reversal on Vicinal Surfaces
Magneto-optics: Science and Technology
Magnetism of Oxide NiO/αFe2O3 Multilayers Studied by Magneto-Optical Faraday Effect
Magnetooptical Characterization of Layered Structures using Variable Angle of Incidence Generalized Magnetooptical Ellipsometry (VA-GME)
Magnetization Induced Optical Second Harmonic Generation as a Readout of Thin Film Magnetic Memories
Nanoscale Variations in Surface Potentials at Interfaces
Noncontact Measurement of Electrical Dissipation using Ultrasensitive Cantilevers
Nanocalorimetry for Thermodynamic Measurements of Nanostructures
Recent Advances in Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
Nanometer-scale Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor with a Scanning Capacitance Microscope
A Study on the Post-stress Charges in SiO2 Films on Si by Scanning Capacitance Microscope
Imaging Buried Interfacial Lattices with Quantized Electrons
Nanoparticle Near-Field Spectroscopy by a Microscopically Narrow (Subnanometer) Electron-Beam
Challenges for Real-Time Control in Reactive Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Environments
Reaction Analysis and Rate Metrology of Selective Area Silicon PECVD using In-Situ Real-time Mass Spectroscopic Sensing and Mass Balance Modeling
Sensor Integration on a W-CVD Cluster Tool for Real-Time Process Monitoring and Control
In situ Measurement of Moisture Contamination in Reactive Process Atmospheres
RGA Process Monitoring in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Process Monitoring of Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems by In-situ Gas Analysis
Large Enhancement of Silicon Etch Rate by Metal Contamination
Laser Detection of Chlorinated Neutral Etch Products During Cl2 / Ar+ Etching of Si(100)
Recombination of Halogen Atoms on Surfaces
Removal of Si-O, Si-C and Si-F by Hydrogen Bake after Reactive Ion Etching on the Silicon Surface
Characterisation of Self-aligned Contact Etch Processes using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Time-Of-Flight SIMS, and Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Experimental Investigation of the Respective Roles of Oxygen Atoms and Electrons in the PECVD Deposition of SiO2 in O2/TEOS Helicon Plasmas
Surface Chemistry Mechanism of Oxide Etching by High Density C2F6 Plasma
Large Positive Silicon Ion Clusters in a Remote Silane Plasma
Surface Chemistry of NF3 Plasma and Si Surface Interaction
Operating High Density Plasmas in a Low Density Range : Applications to Metal Etch Processes
Ultrathin Metal Films on W(111) and W(211): Nanoscale Faceting, Structure, Electronic Properties, and Reactivity1
Determination of Thin Film Interface Structure by the Quantum Size Effect in Electron Reflectivity
Interaction of Dislocations on Strained Metal Films
Low Energy Electron Microscope Measurements of Oxygen-Induced Strain Relief on Si(001)
The Strain Effect on Ge-covered Si(001) Surface
Spontaneous Domain Formation on Ge(001)
New Results for Analytical Approximants of Terrace-Width Distributions on Vicinal Surfaces, and Some Consequences1
Enantiospecific Adsorption of Chiral Hydrocarbons on Naturally Chiral Pt and Cu Surfaces
Xe Adsorption Sites on Metal Surfaces
A NIXSW Study of the InP(001)-(4x2) and InP(001)-(1x1)-Cl Surfaces
Dielectric Response and Ionization of Water Adlayers in High Electric Fields: Calculations and Experiments
Crystallization Kinetics of Amorphous Solid Water: The Effect of Underlying Substrate
A Study of Amorphous Solid Water (ASW) Morphology using N2 Gas Adsorption and Thermal Desorption
Origin of Non-Zero-Order H2O Desorption Kinetics from Crystalline Ice Multilayers on Ru(001)
Low Energy Dynamics through the Verwey Transition : Water Adsorbed on Fe3O4(100)/MgO(100)
Surface Restructuring of Magnesium Oxide at the Interface with Water
Interaction of Water and Dimethyl Sulfoxide with Gold Surfaces
Coadsorption of Water and Hydrogen on Pt(110)
Equilibrium Water Structures at Well-Defined Organic Surfaces
Effect of Boron on the Surface Chemistry of Single Crystal Ni3(Al,Ti)
Interactions of 50-2500 eV Electrons with Ice
Annealing of Copper Electrodeposits
Polymerized C-Si Films on Metal Substrates: Cu Adhesion/Diffusion Barriers for ULSI?
Ultra High Rate, Wide Area, Plasma Polymerized Films from High Molecular Weight/Low Vapor Pressure Liquid or Solid Monomer Precursors
Effects of Temperature (350 - 25°C) on OH Incorporation and Electrical Performance of Plasma Deposited Silicon Dioxide Thin Films for Applications on Plastic Substrates
Structural and Electrical Properties of SrTiO3 Thin Films Prepared by Plasma Enhanced MOCVD
Thermal Stability of MOCVD TiN/PECVD SiOF Interface for Cu Metallization
Assessment of As-deposited Polycrystalline Silicon Films on Polymer Substrates using ECR-PECVD
A Novel Method For Determining Kinetic Rate Expressions For CVD Processes Using a Combination of Step Coverage Measurements and Computer Simulation
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