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Session Wednesday, October 16, 1996
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
Micro-Xanes and Micro-Xps of Polymers
Development of Scanning Photoelectron Microscope Equipped with Wolter-type Focusing Mirror
Fluorescence Studies of Deeply-Buried Thin Films and Other Low-Dimensional Systems at the Advanced Light Source
Determination of Coordination Geometries Utilizing a Novel Differential NEXAFS Approach
A Novel Reflectron Time of Flight Analyzer for Surface Analysis using Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy and Mass Spectroscopy of Recoiled Ions
Real Time Reflection Electron Microscopy of In/InP(110) Cluster Dynamics
Use of an IR Laser for Microscopic Characterization of Surface Wettability
Microcantilevers as Physical, Chemical, and Biological Sensors
Surface Compatibility of Micromachined Devices for PCR
Multiplexed DNA Sequencing and Diagnostics on a Genosensor Chip
Self Assembly and Hybridization of DNA Functionalized Alkanethiols on Gold: An In Situ Two Color Surface Plasmon Resonance Study
Distinguishing between 6-Carbon Sugars using Time-of-Flight SIMS
Lattice Resolution Observations and Defect Structure of Protein and Virus Crystals Studied by In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy
An Approach to Quantitative Analysis of Surface Carboxyl Groups of Biodegradable Polyanhydrides using XPS
Surface Properties of Chemically-Defined Substrates used to Enhance Long Term Embryonic Neuronal Survival in Defined Medium
Structure and Growth of the Surfactant/Silica Films
Magnetization Reversal in Rough Ultrathin Films
Microstructure and Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultrathin Co Films Studied by SPLEEM
Perpendicular Magnetization Process in Epitaxial Cu/Ni/Cu/Si(001)
Spin Reorientation and Stripe Domain Phases
Interface-Induced Morphology and Magnetic Anisotropy of Fe Films on GaAs(001)-(2x4) and c(4x4)
Magnetic Properties of Iron-Iron Oxide Films Grown on Cu(001) and Ag(001)
Correlation between the Magnetic and Structural Properties of Thin Sputtered Fe\sub x\Co\sub 1-x\ Films Studied by FMR
Precision Microsensors Based on Tunneling Transducers
Microelectromechanical Force Probe Arrays
Advanced Micromachined Cantilevers for Thermomechanical Data Storage
Micro Latching Accelerometer with Optical Readout
Electrostatic Actuation of a Microgravity Accelerometer
Electromechanical Actuation of a 1 mm\super 2\ LIGA-based Shuttle for use as a Tangential Tactor
Electrostatically Actuated Micromechnical Switches
Downstream Microwave Plasma Sources for Semiconductor and Industrial Processing
Characterization of a Metal Etching Process in an Inductively Coupled Discharge using Measurements of Discharge Impedance and I/V Sensors
Uniformity of Aluminum Etch in a Chlorine Plasma: Fluid Simulaton and Validation
RF Techniques and Harmonic Generation
Remote Plasma Impedance Measurements in an Inductively Coupled Plasma
Techniques for Measuring Plasma Impedance and Power in an Inductively Coupled Plasma Source
Dilute Magnetic Alloy of Fe in Cr(100)
Electron Diffraction and High Resolution TEM Studies in Fe-Mg Thin Films
STM Study of Atomic Structures on the Faceted Pd/W(111) Surfaces
Characterization of Metal Clusters (Pd, Au and Ni) Supported on Various Metal Oxide Surfaces (MgO, TiO\sub 2\ and Al\sub 2\O\sub 3\)
Electrochemical Nanostructuring of Metal Surfaces
Electrochemical Deposition of Metal Nanocrystallites on the Atomically Smooth Graphite Basal Plane: Mechanism of Growth and Particle Size Control
Electrochemical Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Two Dimensional Electrocrystallization of Metal Films on Thiol Covered Au(111) Electrodes
Use of Plasma Processing in Making Flat Panel Displays
Dry Etching of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)
Very Low Temperature (less than 70C) Selective-area Silicon Deposition using Pulsed-gas PECVD for Thin Film Transistor Applications
Pulsed-Gas Plasma Deposition of Micro- and Poly-crystalline Silicon for Thin Film Transistors
Reactive Ion Etching of Sulfides and Oxides for Flat Panel EL Display Devices
Negative Sulfur-Ion Resputtering during RF Magnetron Sputter Deposition of SrS:Ce and Sr\sub x\Ca\sub 1-x\Ga\sub 2\S\sub 4\:Ce Thin Film EL Phosphors
Kinetics and Mechanism of Acetylene Cyclotrimerization: LITD/FTMS and FTRAIRS Studies
Steady-State Catalytic C-C Bond Formation on Reduced TiO\sub 2\ Surfaces
Low Temperature STM Study of Adsorbed Molecules on Pd(111)
Observation of Anomalous Surface Reactivities of Ni/Pt(111) Bimetallic Model Catalysts
The Catalytic Chemistry of Small Hydrocarbons on Oxygen-modified Molybdenum.
Tailoring Alumina Surface Chemistry for Efficient Use of Supported MoS\sub 2\
A Working Surface Science Model of CoMoS Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts
Low Energy Electron Microscopy Studies of Si Surface Dynamics
LEEM Investigation of Si/Si(111) Step Flow Growth
Si Monomer Trapping at Islands and Steps on Si(001) Measured with STM
LEEM Observations of Growth and Annealing of Ge on Si(001)
The Formation Mechanism of Step Bunching on Vicinal GaAs(001) Annealed in AsH\sub 3\ and H\sub 2\ Ambient
Monte Carlo Study of Si(100)-2x1 Monoatomic Step Dynamics
Real-Time Imaging of the Diffusion, Nucleation and Growth of Pt on Pt(110)
Step Flow Instabilities in the Growth of Cu on Cu (115) and Cu (11 17)
The Application of a High Critical-Temperature Superconductor Bearing for High and Ultra-High Vacuum Measurement
Calculation of Gas Flow using Accurate Combination of Component Models
Quantitative Pressure Measurements using Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy
Initial Studies of Field Emission Cathodes for Cold Cathode Ionization Gauges
The Invention of the Conflat Flange
Gas Permeation and Leakage through Reusable Seals
Outgassing Rate Characteristic of a Stainless Steel Extreme High Vacuum System
A Method of Evaluating Outgassing of a TMP Itself
High Sensitivity Helium Leak Detection-A Review
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