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Session Wednesday, October 16, 1996
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM
The Use of Soft X-ray Absorption Microspectroscopy in the Study of Bacterial Corrosion at Surfaces
Effects of Marine Biocorrosion on the Polyurethane - Stainless Steel Interface
In Situ Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biopolymer Adhesion at Metal/Liquid Interfaces
Organic Diffusion into Stainless Steel Surface due to Biofilm Colonization
Comparison of Pb and Cu Corrosion Rates in Potable Water Systems Treated with Various Phosphate Inhibitors
An XPS Study of Electrochemically-Induced Oxide Formation in the Presence of Carboxylic Acid Corrosion Inhibitors on Aluminum and Copper Surfaces
Surface Oxidation Studies of Hot Isostatically Pressed Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystalline Powders
Enhancement in Nickel Oxidation Rates by Simultaneous Sputtering with Argon Ions
A Multi-Analytical Approach to Localized Corrosion Studies using Small Area Analysis and TOF-SIMS
Recent Advances in III-V Heteroepitaxy for Photonic Devices
Synthesis and Characterization of Epitaxial Sn\sub X\Ge\sub 1-x\ Alloy Thin Films
Growth of GeSi Short-period Superlattices by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Active Devices with Organic Materials
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Polymers used in Light Emitting Diodes
Transition to Crystalline Growth of an Organic Molecular Semiconductor on InAs(100) Studied by STM
Study of Effects of Chemistry, Surface States, and Confinement on the Wavelength and Lifetime of Emission from Si Nanocrystals
Magnetic X-ray Linear Dichroism of Ultrathin Fe-Ni Alloy Films
Magnetic Anisotropy and Soft X-ray Dichroism of Pseudomorphic Alloy Films
Second Order Magneto-optic Effects in Anisotropic Thin Films
Modeling and Verification of Polar Magneto-optic Kerr Response
Modeling the In-Plane Anisotropy in Epitaxial Co/Cu
High Coercivity Co/Pt Multilayers for Quantitative Magnetic Field Imaging
Magnetic and Structural Properties of Nanostructured Pt/Co Multilayers
Magnetic Switching in Ultra Short Magnetic Field Pulses
Microfabricated Instruments for In Situ Analysis of Planetary Surfaces
Micro-analysis with MEMS
Microfabricated Devices for Chemical and Biochemical Analysis
Investigation of Surface Adhesion Phenomena in MEMS Devices
Towards Miniaturization of a Vacuum Pump
Sandia/Sematech Contamination Free Manufacturing Research Center Novel Sensor Development Activities for Enhanced Process Control
In Situ Mass Spectrometry for Real Time Process Sensing in Amorphous and Selective-area Silicon Plasma CVD
Endpoint Prediction for Polysilicon Plasma Etching via Optical Emission Interferometry
Real-time Detection of Inadvertant Composition Changes in SiGe Alloys using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Wavelet Approach to Temperature Determination via Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
Radio-Frequency Electrical Measurements of Ar/NF\sub 3\ Plasmas
Controlled Growth of Si-Oxide Barriers for Si Based Resonant Tunneling Devices
Focusing a Neutral Atomic Beam to Nanometer Resolution using a Laser
Molecular Nanostructures: Functionalized Design, Assembly at Surfaces and Characterization of Properties
Tip Induced C\sub 60\ Island Growth and Manipulation using a Scanning Tunneling Microscope.
In-situ Method of Fabricating Nanoscale Structures on the Si(100) Surface
Atomic Scale Manipulation of Si(111)-7x7: A Variable Temperature STM Study
Layer-by-Layer Atomic Manipulation and Quantized Conductance on Si(111)-7x7 Surface
Laser Assisted Atomic-Scale Surface Modifications with the STM
Development of 0.15\mu\m Contact Hole Etching Process for 1G-bit Era
Oxide Etching in High Density Etch Tools
High Density Plasma Tool Process Development using "Plasma Chemical State" Diagnostics
Optical Emission Diagnostics used in Contact Etching
The Effects of CH\sub3\F Addition to Carbon-rich Chemistry on Nitride Barrier SAC Etching for 1G DRAM and Beyond
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Etching of SiO\sub 2\ with C\sub 4\F\sub 8\/O\sub 2\
Linear Slot Antenna Microwave Plasma Source for Large Area Processing
Electromagnetic Field Patterns in Slot Antenna Microwave Plasma Sources: Numerical Simulation and Measurement
8.3 GHz Microwave Plasma Excitation using a Radial Line Slot Antenna
Homogeneity Characterization of a Large Microwave Plasma
Large Volume, Ultra High Frequency Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma for Microelectronics Processing
A Compact Helicon Plasma Tool for R&D
Frequency Dependence of Helicon Wave Plasmas Near the Lower Hybrid Frequency
Operational Characteristics of the MORI-200 High Density Plasma Source
Metal Etch Application of Extremely High Density Plasma Generated by Modified Helicon Plasma Tool
Surface Band Structure and Electron Affinity on Cesiated C(100) Surfaces
Silicon Oxycarbide Formation on SiC and at the SiC/SiO\sub 2\ Interface
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of Oxygen Adsorption on 6H-SiC(0001) (3x3) and (=883x=883) Surfaces
Study of Oxygen Chemisorption on GaN(0001)-(1x1)
Fluorine Exposure to Hydrogen-terminated Si(111) Surface and Subsequent Oxidation
HREELS Investigation of the Oxidation of the Ammonium Fluoride-Treated Si(100) Surface
Atomically-selective Chemisorption of I\sub 2\Cl\sub 6\ Molecules on the Si(111)-7x7 Surface
Room Temperature Etching of Si(111) 7x7 by ICI
Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy - A New Technique for Determining Surface Kinetics
Growth of Self-assembled Monolayers from Vapor and Solution: Decanethiol on Au(111)
Nucleation and Growth of Amphiphiles on (111) Surfaces of Au and Ag
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Alkanethiols on Stepped Au(111)
Adsorption of n-alkanes and 1-alkenes on Au(111)
Self Assembly and Electrochemical Oxidation of Pyrrole Terminated Alkanethiolate Films Studied by Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy
Film Formation of Alkanethiols on Gold and Silver Studied by Linear and Nonlinear Vibrational Spectroscopy
Dynamical Simulation of Perturbed Systems of Alkanethiols on Gold Surfaces
Controlling Surface Molecular Structure: Step by Step Construction of Multi-Component Organic Monolayers
Self-assembly Strategies for Characterization of Single Molecule Conductivity of Oligomers of Thiophene-ethynylenes and Phenylene-ethynylenes
A Chemical View of Bonding at Metal Surfaces
Hydrogen Promotion of Surface Self-diffusion on Rh(100) and Rh(311)
Effects of Hydrogen in Ni(100) Submonolayer Homoepitaxy
A Method for Extending the Time Scale of Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Surface Growth
Adatom Mobility during Homoepitaxial Growth of Platinum(111)
Dislocation Motion Caused by Exchange with the Surface Adatom Lattice Gas
Effects of Dimer Shearing in Heteroepitaxy and Dimer Sliding Along Step Edges on Metal (100) Surfaces
Characterization of the LPCVD Grown Rugged Polysilicon Surface using Atomic Force Microscopy
Diode-like Behavior of Silicon-Phthalocyanine Junctions Investigated with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy
Deconvolution of Tip Effected Atomic Force Microscope Images and Comparison to Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry
In Situ Optical Emission Spectroscopic Study of the Plumes Produced during Pulsed-laser Deposition of Metal Oxide Films
In Situ Monitoring of Molecular Beam Epitaxy using Specularly Scattered Ion Beam Current Oscillations
In Situ Characterization of Oxygen Incorporation during Initial Growth of Pb(Zr\sub x\Ti\sub 1-x\)O\sub 3\ Thin Films using Time of Flight (ToF) Ion Beam Analysis Methods
Core-Level Photoabsorption Characterization of Diamond and Carbon Films
Quantification of BPSG Films Compared using Quadrupole SIMS, RBS, WDX and Wet Chemistry
Vacuum Requirements for Next Wafer Size Physical Vapor Deposition System
Vacuum Environment Considerations in Field Emission Displays
Field Emission Cathode Arrays: Effect of Various Gases on Device Performance
Vacuum Considerations in Sealing Flat Panel Displays
Improvements in Signal-to-Noise and Minimization of Analyzer Related Background Contributions in Ultra High Vacuum Residual Gas Analysis
Evaluation of Low Cost RGA's for UHV Applications
Fast Pump-down System Combined the Chemical Treatment and Ultra-Dry Gas Introduction using Oxygen-Ion Conductor as a Moisture Remover
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