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Session Monday, October 14, 1996
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
Ion Beam Damage during Sputtering
The Effects of Oxygen Flooding on Sputtering and Ionization Processes during Ion Bombardement
Optimized TOF-SIMS Depth Profiling with a Dual Beam Technique
Accurate Concentration Depth Profiling of Alkali Elements in Bulk Glasses by SIMS
SIMS Analysis of Autodoping of Undoped Oxide in Chambers which Deposit Doped and Undoped Oxides
Role of Desorption Methods on Quantitative Surface Analysis by Laser Postionization Mass Spectrometry
AES Depth Profiling- Pitfalls and Work Arounds
Auger Depth Profiling of Deeply Buried Thin Layers
XPS Characterization of Semiconductor Thin Films using Simultaneous Mg/Zr Excitation
Biomolecular Architectures at Solid Substrates
Peptide-Antibody Recognition on Well Defined Surfaces Studied by Surface Plasmon Resonance
Molecular Recognition at the Protein-Biomineral Interface
Biological Characterisation of Materials
Immobilization and Patterning of Functional Proteins on Surfaces
Functionalized Self-assembled Films to Control Biological Responses
Correlation of Culture Stratum Composition and Cell Properties of Three Cell Types Grown on SAMS by XPS
Cysteine and Gly-Gly Adsorption and Desorption on Pt(111)
High Resolution MEIS Characterization of Oxynitride Films on Si(100)
X-ray Photoelectron Study of Nitrogen Incorporation into Silicon Dioxide Thin Films
Nitrogen Incorporation at the Top Surface of Ultra-thin Gate Oxides by Low-temperature Plasma-assisted Processing
Atomic Layer Controlled Al\sub 2\O\sub 3\ Films Grown on Si(100) Using Binary Reaction Sequence Chemistry
SiO2/Si Interface Structures and Electrical Properties
Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy and Monte Carlo Simulations of Hot Electron Transport through MOS Structures
Ballistic-Electron Emission Microscopy Characterization of Hot-Electron-Induced Trapped Charge in SiO\sub 2\
Effect of Surface Roughness on 5 Nm Oxide Charge Trapping and Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling Behavior -- Experiment and 3D Simulation
Evolution of Si/SiO\sub 2\ Interfacial Roughness during ECR Plasma Oxidation
Magnetic Force Microscopy and Micromagnetics
Direct Comparison of Magnetic Imaging using SEMPA and MFM
Cross-Tie Walls on the Surface of Permalloy Films Studied by SEMPA
A High-Resolution Photoemission Electron Microscope for Chemical and Magnetic Imaging, and Micro-Spectroscopy
Quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy on Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Materials
Wrinkled Magnetization in Ultrathin Ferromagnetic Films
Low Temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy of Vortices in YBa\sub 2\Cu\sub 3\O\sub 7\\sub -\\sub x\ Thin Films
Magnetic Depth Profiling and Domain Imaging of Patterned Magnetic Films using Scanning Ion Microscopy with Polarization Analysis (SIMPA)
Commercialization of MEMS
Similarities and Differences Surface Micromachined MEMS and IC's
Electrostatically Actuated Test Structures for MEMS Process Monitoring
Out-of-Plane Microstructures using Stress Engineering of Thin Films
Molding of High Aspect Ratio Microstructures
Simulation of Rarefied Flows in MEMS Device
Fault Detection and Process Control Projects at Sematech
Fault Detection and Process Control under Development in the University Community - What is Possible in the Future?
Experimental Study of RGA High Pressure Performance (II)
Equipment and Process Fault Detection and Classification in PolySi RTCVD
Stabilization of a Plasma-enhanced CVD Process using Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry
Process Control and Diagnostics by Means of Self Excited Electron Resonance Spectroscopy (SEERS)
Run by Run Uniformity Control on a Dual Coil Transformer Coupled Plasma Reactor with Full Wafer Interferometry
An Artificial Neural Network EWMA Controller for Semiconductor Processes
Near- and Far-Field Imaging Spectroscopies
Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope for Single Molecule Imaging at Cryogenic Temperatures
Super-Resolution Fluorescence Imaging of Single Dye Molecules in Thin Polymer Films and on Glass Surfaces
Mie Scattering in Nanoscale Particles as Observed by Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM)
Optical Fiber Structures Studied by a Tapping-mode Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope
Polarization of Light Emitted from the STM Tunnel Junction
Luminescence from GaAs(100) Excited by a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Selective Scanning Tunneling Microscope-Induced Photon Emission from Self-assembled Monolayer and Dye-coated Surfaces
Near-field Optical Recording on Cyanine Dye Layer of a Commercial Compact Disk-recordable (CD-R)
Mechanistic Studies of SiO\sub 2\ Etching Processes in an Inductively-Coupled High-Density Plasma Reactor
Kinetics of Polymer Film Growth during Selective Oxide Etching in a Low-Pressure High-Density Plasma Reactor
Fluorocarbon Species Measurement and Modeling for Low Pressure, High Density SiO\sub 2\ Plasma Etching
Residence Time Effect on SiO\sub 2\/Si Selective Etching in High Density Fluorocarbon Plasma
Investigation of Plasma Precursors in Selective HDP Etching
Effects of the Magnetic Field on the Reduction of the Dielectric Window Damage Due to Capacitive Coupling in the Inductively Coupled Plasma
CF\sub X\(X=1-3) Radical Densities during SiO\sub 2\, Si\sub 3\N\sub 4\ and Si Etching Employing ECR-CHF\sub 3\ Plasma
Remote Plasma Etching of Silicon Nitride and Silicon Dioxide using NF\sub 3\/O\sub 2\ Gas Mixtures
Electron and Ion Kinetics in SiF\sub 4\
First Principles Predictions of Reaction Mechanisms on Si(100)-2x1
Hyperthermal H Atom Interactions with D/Si(100)
Effects of Impurities on Hydrogen Desorption from Si(100)
The Effect of Foreign Adatoms on Silicon Surface Chemistry
In Situ Studies of Growth and Reaction of Amorphous Silicon Hydride Films: Abstraction, Insertion and Etching by Atomic Deuterium
Hydrogen Desorption from Ion-roughened Si(100)
Mechanism in the Growth Related Photodecoposition of Disilane on Si(100)
Diborane Reactions on Si(001) Investigated by Temperature Programmed Desorption
Giant Surface Friedel Oscillations: STM Study of Be(0001)
Core Hole Decay Mechanisms in Ru Studied by Auger-Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy
Surface Plasmon Dispersion and Damping on Ag Surfaces Revisited with EELS-LEED
Surface Investigations of an AlPdMn Quasicrystal and a Related Crystalline Alloy
Synchrotron Radiation Photoemission from Photoionization to Electron Holography
The Interfaces of Model Bimetallic Systems: A Core-level Photoemission Study
A Symmetry Selective View of the Chemical Bonding of Organic Acids on Cu(110)
Surface and Layer Electronic Structure of the Organic Superconductor \kappa\(BEDT-TTF)\sub 2\Cu[N(CN)\sub 2\]Br
The Electronic Structure of Oxidised Aluminium Surfaces Studied by (e,2e) Spectroscopy
Mechanical Properties of Thin Films and its Interface
Atomistic Simulations of the Nanometer-scale Indentation of Thin Films
Correlation of Film Stress and the Nano-Mechanical Properties of Au Thin Films
Nanoindentation of Surfaces: Calculations of the Onset of Near-Surface Plasticity
Mechanical Properties of Epitaxial Mo/NbN and W/NbN Superlattices
Multilayer Film Deposition of TiN\sub X\/AlN\sub X\ on a Rotating Substrate from Reactive Sputtering of Elemental Targets of Titanium and Aluminum
Formation and Optimization of Multiphase Film Properties of (Ti-Cr)N formed by Cathodic Arc Deposition
Preparation and Characterization of Superhard CNx/ZrN Multilayers
Optical Characterization of Carbon Nitride Thin Films Prepared by rf Sputtering
Thin Film Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Gas Microsensor Arrays
Controlled Growth of WO\sub 3\ Gas Sensing Thin Films
In Situ Resistance Characterization of Oxide Thin Film Growth Phenomena
Reduced-Coordination Cation Sites at Surface Oxygen Vacancies on SnO\sub 2\(110)
Interfacial and Electronic Properties of SiC-based Schottky Diode Gas Sensors Annealed at 425 C
Characterization of the Resistance Change Produced by H\sub 2\, H\sub 2\S, CO, and O\sub 2\ Adsorption onto Iron Films
Formate Adsorption on Epitaxial Cu(100) Films: Broadband Reflectance and dc Resistance
Accurate Vacuum Measurements; How and Why
Fabrication and Test of an Automatic Static Expansion System for Vacuum Gauge Calibration
A Novel Primary Pressure Standard for Calibration in the mTorr Range
Measurement Performance of Capacitance Diaphragm Gages and Alternative Low-pressure Transducers
Cold-Cathode Gauges for Ultra-High Vacuum Measurements
Linearization of the Spinning Rotor Gage Response for Pressures up to 100 Pa
A Precision Gas Flowmeter for Vacuum Calibration
International Comparison of Leak Standards using Calibrated Capillary Leaks
Calibration of an Axial-symmetric Transmission Gauge in Ultrahigh and Extreme High Vacua
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