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Session Wednesday, July 26, 2023
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3D Integrated Device Applications of ALD-Grown Ferroelectric and Oxide-Semiconductor Materials
Cross-Point Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal Capacitors Array for Compute-in-Memory Applications
Using ALD to Precisely Place Multiple Transition Metal Impurities to Defect Engineer MIM Diode Performance
The Impact of Oxygen Source on the Formation of TiN Interface at the Initial Stage ALD process of Hafnia-based Ferroelectrics: An in-situ Analysis
Performance Enhancement in HZO Based Ferroelectric Memory Devices
Stabilization of Tetragonal Phase of Ti-doped ZrO2 Deposited by ALD
Three Terminal Synaptic Devices Employing ALD Grown Dual Dielectrics and Their Linear Learning Process
Break & Exhibits
Opportunity of Atomic Scaled Materials in Revolutionary Memory Technologies
Ultra High-k HfZrO4 Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition using Metal-Organic and Brute HOOH Precursors
Achieving Ultra-High Mobility and Reliability of ALD-IGZO TFTs via Selective N2O Plasma Reactant for BEOL Applications
Ultrathin and Highly Crystalline Indium Oxide Thin Films Using Novel Liquid In Precursor as a New Channel Material
Measuring the Time-Resolved Heat of ALD Surface Reactions
HfO2 ALD on Si(111) - A Mechanistic in-Situ Study through Time-resolved APXPS
In Situ Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction Investigations of Epitaxial Growth and Crystallization of Gallium Oxide Thin Films
Surface and Film Stress during ALD of Al2O3 and ZnO: In Situ Measurements Using Wafer Curvature Techniques
Chemisorption Mechanisms of Aminosilane Precursors during ALD of SiO2: in situ Characterization and ab initio Study
Seeing It Happen: Insights Into the Surface Chemistry of HfO2 and TiO2 ALD from Operando Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Break & Exhibits
Preparation and Characterization of Well-Defined Mixed-Oxide and Metal-Oxide Interfaces in Porous Catalysts using ALD
A Toolbox for Characterization of Film Penetration Depth in High Aspect Ratio Structures
Understanding Process Parameters of ALD on Silica Aerogels and Their Effects on Mechanical Properties
Tuning Properties of ZnO Deposited via ALD for Applications in Sensing and Porous Material Development
Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Etching for Metals and Dielectric Materials
Controlling the Hole Profile of High Aspect Ratio Structures in Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2 by Utilizing Dc-Superposition in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas
Damage Analysis of Reactive Ion and Quasi-Atomic Layer Etched Silicon
Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2 via H2/SF6 Plasma and TMA
Learnings and Mitigations of Nonuniformity in Oxide Quasi Ale Applied to Contact Patterning
Adopting a Low Global Warming Potential Fluorocarbon Precursor (C6F6) to Atomic Layer Etching of Sio2 with Fluorocarbon Plasmas
Thermal ALE Reactants for Semiconductor Processing
Break & Exhibits
Isotropic Plasma-Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Aluminum Nitride Using SF6 Plasma and Al(CH3)3
Gan Atomic Layer Etching Using SF6 and Ar Plasmas Controlled by RFEA and Langmuir Probe Measurements
Speedy and Smooth Atomic Layer Etching for Silicon Carbide with DC Bias-Pulsing
Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of MoS2 Films
Atomic Layer Technologies for III-V Nitride Epitaxy, High-K/Metal Gate, Ferroelectric Negative Capacitance, and Area-Selective Deposition
Optimizing Vessel Design for Pulsed Delivery of Solid Precursors
Accurate Precursor Dose Delivery with Realtime Closed Loop Control
Fast and Efficient Large Format ALD
Mechatronic Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition for Closed-Loop Process Control
Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition: A New Revolution in Ultra-Fast Production of Conformal Optical Coatings
Spatial ALD of Iridium Oxide Electro-Catalyst Layers for PEM Electrolysis
Break & Exhibits
Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thin Films Deposited by Molecular Atomic Layer Deposition (MALD) for EUV Resist Applications
Inorganic Cluster Synthesis and Characterization via Atomically Precise ALD in Polymers
Molecular Layer Deposition of Al- and Hf-Based Hybrid Resists for Electron-Beam and EUV Lithography
High-resolution EUV Lithographic Patterning Characteristics of InOx-PMMA Hybrid Photoresist Generated by Vapor-phase Infiltration
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