PacSurf2022 Tuesday Morning

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Session Tuesday, December 13, 2022
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Moving Towards Intracellular and Enzyme Catalyzed Molecule Synthesis with Mesoporous Materials
QCM-D Characterization of Competitive Plasma Protein Adsorption on Low-Fouling Fluoropolymers for Thromboresistant Biomaterials
Hierarchical Surface Restructuring for Next Generation Implantable Neural Interfacing Applications
Blood Compatibility Assessment of Biomaterial Surface Chemistries to Reduce the Intrinsic Coagulation Pathway Activation
Innate Immune Response an Integral Part of Acorn Barnacle Surface Adhesion
Probing Quantum Materials Interfaces with HAXPES at the GALAXIES Beamline, SOLEIL Synchrotron
Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (HAXPES) at the Advanced Photon Source: A Legacy of Charles S. Fadley
Bulk Sensitive PhotoElectron Spectroscopy on Metal Hydrides
Synergies between Synchrotron and Lab-Based X-Ray Techniques for the Studies of Complex Materials and Interfaces
In Situ Observation of Electrochemical Lithiation and Delithiation in Silicon Electrodes in All-solid-state Battery Configuration
Structural Investigation of Ruthenium Silicide Si 2p Core Level Surface States Using X-Ray Photoelectron Diffraction
Development of Novel High-Entropy-Alloy Powders and Their Plasma-Sprayed Coatings
Surface Fenicral Medium-Entropy-Alloy Coating to Enhance High-Temperature Air-Oxidation Resistance of a Plain Carbon Steel
Synthesis of Carbon-Based Thin Films by PECVD and Their Nanostructure Control
Tunable Photoluminescence from Carbon-Based Nanostructures
Sessions | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview