PacSurf2022 Monday Evening

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Session Monday, December 12, 2022
5:40 PM 6:40 PM 7:40 PM
Pursuing Chuck Fadley’s Ideas a Scientific Lifetime: Photoelectron Recording with Maximum Parallelization
The State of Interpretation for Multiplet Splitting and Shake-Up Satellites in Transition Metal Compound XPS: Fe2O3 and NiO
Zinc and Cadmium: Chemical State Determination Through XPS Analyses of Standard Samples
X-Ray Spectroscopic Identification of Strain and Structure-Based Resonances in a Series of Saturated Carbon-Cage Molecules: Adamantane‚ Twistane‚ Octahedrane‚ and Cubane
Catching a Wave: From Quantum Materials to Liquid Chemistry
High Pressure Hard X-ray XPS Studies of Operando Catalytic Reactions for CO2 and N2 Reduction
Initial Oxidation of Ternary Amorphous Metal Alloy Surfaces Under Ambient Oxygen Pressures
Sessions | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview