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Session Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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Reconstruction Process and Orientation of Membrane Proteins in Artificial Cell Membrane Systems
Surface Adsorbed Antibody Characterization using ToF-SIMS with Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks
Controlled Peptide Surfaces of Various Ratios that Guide Neural Stem Cell Differentiation.
Inelastic Neutron Spectroscopy Studies of Biosurfaces: the Chemistry of Hydrogen Surface Interaction
Exploring Protein and Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Interactions
Nanoscopic Analysis of Semiconductor Heterointerfaces by Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
Defect Mediated Material Properties of 2-D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides studied by using Parallel Ultra High Resolution AFM and STS Mapping
Solution Phase Synthesis, Electron Microscopy Characterization and Catalytic and Medical Applications of Nanoparticles
Atomic Species Identification at the (101) Anatase Surface by Simultaneous Scanning Tunnelling and Atomic Force Microscopy
Electrochemically-generated Nanomaterials Studied by In situ Flow Spectro-electrochemical Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy
Structural and Chemical Study of the Stability of Pt-based Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts via 3D Electron Tomography
Challenges in Synthesis and Characterization of Non-precious Transition Metal Carbide/Nitride Catalysts
Stacking of AlOOH Nano-Rods and Plates: The Effect of Surface Termination Chemistry on the Preferential Interacting Crystal Zones in Solution
Nanoscale Chemical Imaging with Photo-induced Force Microscopy
CNC Modification for the Development of Active Food Packaging
Flexible Electrochromic Electrodes on the Substrate of Crystalline Indium Tin Oxide with Graphene
Maximizing Retention of Complex Chemical Functionality in Plasma Polymers Via the Alpha-Gamma Transition
Layer-by-layer Etching of LaAlSiOx
Effect of Ar+ Ion Assist on the Properties of a-C:H Films Deposited on a Trench
Characterization of PECVD a-C:H:Si:O:Cl Films
Plasma-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of SiNx Films
Atomic Scale Analyses of Plasma Surface Reactions using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Ion/radical Beam Experiments
Low-temperature Fabrication of Amorphous Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Film Transistors without Annealing Process
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