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Session Tuesday, December 9, 2014
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Engineering of Bio-Nano Interfaces with Self-Assembled Peptides
Peptide Control of Biological Membranes — A Molecular View on Lipid Structure, Peptide Folding and Hydration
Development and Characterization of Tunable Porous 3D Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications
The Formation of a Self-Hydrated Artificial Phospholipid Membrane on Ultra-Thin Chitosan Layer Deposited from the Gas-Phase
MP-SPR New Characterization Method for Interactions and Ultrathin Films
In-Situ Analysis of Biological and Electrochemical Interfaces Using ToF-SIMS
Quantifying ToF-SIMS Depth Profiles and 3D Images for Biological and Organic Materials
In Situ Neutron Scattering Studies of Endothelial Cells Response to Shear Stress
3D Collagen-Based Biomaterials Assembly: Novel Insights from Advanced Optical Characterization
Understanding and Improving Solar Energy Conversion through Interface Engineering
Understanding Carrier Dynamics in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Using Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy
The CdS/CdTe Solar Cell with the Back Contact Protected by ITO/Mo
Study of Energy Level Alignment at Electrode Interfaces in Organic Solar Cells
n-type Thin Film WSe2 for use in Homojunction WSe2 Solar Cells
Samarium Sulfide-Cerium Sulfide, A Potential Band Gap Variable Alloy System for Use in Spectrum Splitting Photovoltaic Systems
Nano-patterned Pt Counter electrode Enhancing Light harvesting for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Molecular- and Polymer-based Electronic Devices on Rigid and Flexible Substrates
High-Throughput Nanogap Formation by Field-Emission-Induced Electromigration
In-Situ AFM Imaging of Structural Change in Metal Nanowires during Feedback-Controlled Electromigration
Single Carbon Nanotube Devices for Integrated Photonics
Nanodevices for Molecular Detection based on Nanomaterials and Nanogap
Band Offsets at Zincblende-Wurtzite GaAs Nanowire Sidewall Surfaces
Looking Below the Surface with Photoemission: Standing Waves and Hard X-rays
ToF-SIMS and XPS Characterization of Plasma Polymerized ppAA/Teflon-like Thin Films Interfaces
A detailed Assessment of Indium Diffusion in InGaAs/high-k/TiN MOS Devices Employing ARXPS
Electric and Thermoelectric Properties of Molecule-Nanoparticle Composite Structures Influenced by Surrounding Gases
Laser Lift-Off of Single-Crystal GaAs Thin Films for Low-Cost, High-Performance Photovoltaics, Optics and Electronics
SIMS Depth Profiling and 3D characterization of Organic/Inorganic Surfaces by FIB Crater Wall Imaging and Tomography
Growth and Characterization of Heteroepitaxial III-N Semiconductor Films using Atomic Layer Epitaxy
Controlling Charges States at Nanoscale Schottky Contacts
Enhancement of Contact Properties of Ytterbium Silicide by Alloying with Molybdenum
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