PCSI2024 Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Wednesday, January 17, 2024
2:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 5:00 PM
Imaging the Properties of Atoms and Fields at the Picometer Scale inside Materialsand Devices
Cryogenic Growth and in-Situ Fabrication of Superconducting Tantalum Devices
Multi-Technique Characterization of GaN-Based Devices: A Powerful Tool to Probe the in-Depth Chemistry
Mo-SiNx Granular Metal High-pass Filters
Restructuring Cracks in Rutile TiO2 with Radiolysis-Driven Rolling of Octahedral Units
UPGRADED: Growth and Angle-Resolved Photoemission of Strain- and Thickness- Tuned Epitaxial α-Sn Thin Films
Characterization of Buffer Layers for Remote Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Germanium-Tin Epitaxial Layers
Near Zero-Field Magnetoresistance and Defects in GaN pn Junctions
Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
Heteroepitaxy of PbSe-SnSe Semiconductors on GaAs for Infrared Optoelectronics
Investigation of Localized Electric Fields of InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Interfaces
X-STM Study of Interlayer Effects on InAs Quantum Dots in InP
UPGRADED: Atomic Scale Analysis of N Dopants in InAs
Direct Wafer Bonding of GaN on AlN Through the Optimization of Chemical Mechanical Polishing
Strategies for Analyzing Non-Common-Atom Heterovalent Interfaces: The Case of CdTe-on-InSb
Multi-Material Deposition for Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Process
Sessions | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview