NAMBE 2022 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, September 20, 2022
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:30 PM
NAMBE Young Investigator Awardee Talk: Why do we Bother Using Costly MBE for Semiconductor Nanowires?
Electrical Characterization of Doped GaSbBi Films Using High Resistivity AlGaSb Underlayers
Influence of Growth Conditions on InAlBiAs Morphology and Electrical Properties
ErAs:InGaAlBiAs materials for 1.55 μm-pumped Terahertz Photoconductive Switches
Impact of Bi Surface Coverage During Growth on GaAsBi Diode Performance
Towards Lattice-Matched Narrow Bandgap InAsySb1-x-yBix Photodetectors
sub-Monolayer Surface Termination Control of Charge Transfer and Band Alignment Across a Semiconductor-Crystalline Oxide Heterojunction
Heteroepitaxial Growth of (111)-oriented Sr1-XCaXTiO3 Thin Films on III-Nitride Semiconductors
MBE Growth and Electronic Properties of Epitaxial SrNiO3-based Heterostructures
Controlling Dislocation Formation and Dynamics in GaAs-Based Films on Silicon via Indium Alloying
Grafted Si/GaN, AlN/Si, and GaAs/GeSn PN Junctions with Epitaxy-Like Interface Qualities
Integrating GaSb-Based Infrared Detectors with Si Substrates via Interfacial Misfit Arrays
Epitaxial Growth of Highly Mismatched Antimonide-Based Alloys Using Imf and Defect Filter Layers
Controlling the Balance between Remote, Pinhole, and van der Waals Epitaxy of Heusler Films on Graphene/Sapphire
Improved-Quality of 3D Semiconductors at Low Temperature Using Intermediate 2D Materials
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