NAMBE 2022 Monday Morning

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Session Monday, September 19, 2022
7:45 AM 8:45 AM 9:45 AM 10:45 AM
Growth and Characterization of Al0.71In0.29As0.74Sb0.26 Digital Alloy Lattice Matched to InAs Substrate
A High-Performance Epitaxial Transparent Oxide Thin-Film Transistor Fabricated at Back-End-of-Line Temperature (< 450 °C) by Suboxide Molecular-Beam Epitaxy
Low Temperature Crack Formation in III-V Quantum Dot Lasers Epitaxially Grown on Silicon
Thin Film Engineering in Er-Doped CeO2 for Quantum Memory
Hybrid MBE Growth of Metastable SrNbO3 for High Mobility 2DEGs
Vertical AlGaN Deep-UV LEDs Grown on Si Using Nanowire-Assisted AlN Template by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Long Lifetime Mid-Wave InGaAs/InAsSb Superlattice Photodetectors with a 2× Reduction in Proton Radiation Induced Quantum Efficiency Degradation
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MBE Growth and Properties of Ultra-wide Bandgap Oxide Layers Spanning 5.0 - 9.0 eV Energy Gaps
Demonstration of Sc0.2Al0.8N HEMT Structures with a Sheet Resistance of 150 Ω/□ and a Sheet Charge of 5.9x1013 cm-2 with Phase Pure, Metal Rich Growth
Influence of Nucleation Schemes on Crystal Quality of Heteroepitaxial Sc0.4Al0.6N
Realization of AlN Homojunction PN Diodes
MBE AlScN/GaN Heterostructures Showing High-K, Ferroelectricity, and High Mobility 2DEGs
Realizing GaN/AlN Short Period Superlattices (SPSLs) Through Ga Surfactant Enhanced MME Growth of AlN
Cubic Boron Nitride Grown by Mg-Catalyzed MBE
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