ICMCTF 2024 Monday Morning

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Session Monday, May 20, 2024
10:00 AM 11:00 AM
Exploring Nanostructure Behavior and Ordering Dynamics Through Advanced Electron Microscopy
Autonomous Health Tracking in Self-Reporting MAX and MAB Phases
Correlation of Laser-Reflection and Thermionic Emission of Thermally Loaded Coatings Under UHV Conditions
Bill Sproul Award and Honorary ICMCTF Lecture: When Stressed Condensed Matter Reveals Its Ultimate Secrets: Thin Film Growth Dynamics Probed by Real-Time Diagnostics
High-Throughput Rapid Experimental Alloy Development (HT-READ))
Fundamental Investigation for Film Quality Prediction Based on Zone Model in Magnetron Sputtering
Are ML Potentials Useful to Understand Deformation and Fracture of Ceramics?
Transformation Plasticity and Fracture in MB2 (M=Ti, Ta, W, Re) Diborides via Ab-Initio and Machine-Learning-Potential Molecular Dynamics
Machine-Learning Potential for Accurate Predictions of Elastic Properties in Amorphous W-B-C
Nitride and Carbide Layers: Point Defects, Interfaces, Mechanical Properties
The Influence of the Carbon Source on the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Magnetron-Sputtered Titanium Carbonitride Coatings
A Strategic Design Approach Controlling the B-Solubility in Transition Metal Nitride-Based Thin Films
The Influence of Bilayer Periods and Ratios on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiN/MoN Superlattice Thin Films
TiN/CrN and TiSiN/CrN Multilayer Coatings Deposited in an Industrial–scale HiPIMS System
Residual Stress Measurement and Effective Deformation Thickness of Metal Interlayer in Multilayer Hard Coatings - Using TiN/Ti/TiN/Ti as a Model Architecture
Influence of Plasmonic Coupling and Size Effect on Photocatalysis of MoS2/Au Hybrid Nanostructures for Water Splitting
Sputter Deposition of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Films
Advancing 2D Materials for Future Electronics: Selective Synthesis, Transferring Processes, and Device Integration
Reduced Electrocatalytic potential of Nitrate to Ammonia through MoS2 Deposited Carbon Felt based Flexible Electrode
Transport Studies on Pulsed Laser Deposited Ti3C2Tx - MoO3 System
Modern Analytical Methods for Characterizing Wear Surfaces and Subsurfaces
Wear-Protection Performance and Durability of in-Situ-Deposited Carbon TribofilmsDerived from Intrinsically Strained Cycloalkane Molecules as Lubricant Additives
Lubricant Interaction of Triboactive CrAlMoCuN Coatings in Steel Contacts
Laser Bioprinting: From the Breast Tumor Microenvironment toMigration in Wound Healing Assays
Plasma-Assisted Nanofabrication of Advanced Nanoplasmonic Surfaces for SERS Applications
New Designed PDMS Microtopography Using Laser Methods for Modulating in Vitro Cell Behaviour and Bacteria Growth
Designing Chiral Micropatterns via Ion Beam Colloidal Lithography
Enhancing Tribological Performance of Carbon-Based Coatings Through Pulsed Lasertexturation
New Coating Methods for New Electrolyzer Technologies for PEM Electrolyzer and AEM Electrolyzer
Dual Doped Two-dimensional Carbon Supported Single Atomic Iron for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
CO2 Laser Processed Nickel Catalyzed Graphene Coating for Electrocatalytic Water Splitting and Energy Storage Applications
Bimetal Phosphide (NiCoP)/Graphitic Carbon Nitride(g-C3N4) Composites for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte
Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Nanolayered Thin Films Based on Zns-Ethylenediamine for the Photocatalytic Production of Hydrogen
One-pot Synthesis of NiFeCo(OH)x@FeOOH@(NiFeCo)Sx Electrocatalyst for Urea Oxidation Reaction
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