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Session Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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Influence of Substrate Composition on the High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Various Coating Systems
Factors Affecting Performance of Thermal Barrier Coatings During Hot Corrosion Tests
APS TBC Performance on Directionally-Solidified Superalloy Substrates with HVOF NiCoCrAlYHfSi Bond Coatings
Effect of Substrate Surface Condition on the Performance of Cr Oxide Coatings on 316L Steel in Carburizing Atmospheres
Chemical and Mechanical Evolution of Ceramic Abradable Turbine Coatings Subjected to Simulated High Hydrogen Content Combustion Environments
Novel Coatings Against Metal Dusting by a Combination of a Catalytic and a Barrier Approach
Extended Exposure of Protective Al Oxide Thin Films in Carburizing Atmospheres
High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of Fluorinated Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C-F) Coatings against Aluminum Alloys
Construction and Characterisation of a Device to Coat Large Quantities of Granular Materials by Magnetron Sputtering
Characterization and Piezoelectric Properties of Reactively Sputtered ScAlN on Y-128o LiNbO3
Effect of Mo-Cu Cathode Composition on Plasma Generation, Macroparticle Formation, and Thin Film Deposition in DC Vacuum Arc Synthesis
Effects on Photosensitivity and Photocatalysis of TIO2 Thin Film by Doping Fe and N
Mixing Thermodynamics, Age-hardening Potential, and Electronic Structure of Ternary M11 − xM 2xB2 Alloys, Theory and Experiments
A Study of the Properties of CrN-Ag Coatings for Orthopaedic Applications
Intrinsic Structural, Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Sputtered Al-Zr Thin Films
A Novel Industrial PLD-System for the Production of Superhard Stressfree ta-C Films
Flow Curves of Hard Coatings: Determination from Nanoindentation Experiments and Fiinite Element Methods as well as Validation with Micropillar Compression Tests
The Role of Hydrogen and Acetylene in the Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Titanium Carbide Coatings
Numerical Evaluation of Scratch Tests on Borided Layers
On the Mechanisms and Mitigation of Volcanic Ash Attack on YSZ Thermal Barrier Coatings
Evaluation of Carbon Steel Surface Treated by AIH-FPP using a Ti and Al Particles
Microstructural Design: A Successful Strategy for Fracture Toughness Enhancement of Hard Coatings Studied by Micro-Cantilever Testing
Mechanical and Thermal Post-Treatment of Hard Coatings: a Review
Elastic and Microstructural Properties of Hard Refractory Metal Thin Films Fabricated by DC Magnetron Sputtering
Study on Thermal Stability and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Zr-W-B-N Thin Films
Analysis of Dopant Distribution in Co-deposited Organic Thin Films by Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy
Optical Waveguide and 1.54 μm Photoluminescence Properties in Rf Sputtered Er/Yb Co-doped ZnO Thin Films
Nitride- and Oxide-nanorods for High-gain Photoconductors and Solar Fuels
Highly Textured AlN Thin Films on Si by Reactive High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Active Plasmonic Metamaterials Based on the Phase Transition of VO2 Thin Films
1 ML InN/GaN Matrix Coherent-structure QW System and its Evolution to Short-period Superlattice (SPS)-based InGaN Ternary Alloys
Mechanistic Study of Wear of Ceramic Heads by Metallic Stems in Modular Implants
Chemistry, Structure, and Wear Properties of Nb1-xTixN Thin Films
Electrochemical Response of ZrCN-Ag-a(C,N) Coatings in Simulated Joint Electrolyte
Femtolaser Micro-Texturing on CoCr Alloy for Heads of Hip Joints: Effect of Dimples' Parameters on Friction and Wear in MoM and MoP Contacts
Effects of Duty Cycle and Electrolyte Concentration on the Microstructure and Biocompatibility of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Treatment on Zirconium Metal
Experimental Techniques for Bio-tribocorrosion Studies and Available Models for Interpretation
Wear Laws and Glaze Layer Formation on New Coatings for Aeronautics in a Ceramic Versus Metallic Alloy Contact under Fretting Wear at High Temperatures
Friction Influenced by Surface Roughness and Sliding Speeds at Oil Lubricating Conditions
Exploring the Mechanical and Thermal Stability of Nanocrystalline Metal Composite and Alloy Thin Films
An Endeavour to Examine Erosion Failure Mechanisms in TiCrN Coatings
PVD- Thin Films for Static Friction Applications
Tribological Properties of WC-CoCr Coatings Sprayed at Supersonic Velocities (HVOF) using Ultra Fine Grain Powders
Electrochemical Behavior of WC-Co Thermal Spray Coatings, Modified by Sub-microcrystalline Carbides
Development of DLC Coating Architectures for Demanding Functional Surface Applications Through Nano- and Micro-mechanical Testing
Effect of Humidity on Tribological Behaviour of Cd and Zn-Ni Coatings
Controlled Growth of Transition-metal Nitride Alloy Films via Hybrid HIPIMS/Magnetron Co-sputtering using Synchronized Metal-ion Irradiation
Characterization of Epitaxial V2Ox Thin Films on C-plane Sapphire Grown Under Various O2 Flows by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Hydrogenated SiyNx Coatings Deposited by HiPIMS using NH3
A Comparative Study of TiSiCN Nanocomposite Coatings Deposited using DCMS, PDCMS, PEMS, and DOMS Techniques
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Evaluation of CrVN Coatings Fabricated by a Hybrid HIPIMS and RF Sputtering System
High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputter Deposited p-Type Titanium Monoxide on Flexible Substrate and Its Thin-film Transistor Performance
Circuits and Applications of Increasing of the HiPIMS Deposition Rate for an Industrial Scale
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