ICMCTF2015 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, April 21, 2015
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Solvothermally Densified Ceramic Coatings as Corrosion Protection for Boiler Tubes in Waste-to-energy (WTE) Plants
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modelling for Predicting the Microstructural Evolution in Oxidation Resistant Coatings during High Temperature Exposure
Structure and Degradation Mechanisms of Pd-Pt-aluminide Bond Coatings for EB-PVD TBCs
Study of Oxide Scale Formed in Thermal Barrier Coating System on CMSX-4, CM 247 LC and PW1483 Alloys
Modelling the Influence of Alloying Elements on the Microstructrural Evolution in MCrAlY Coatings at High Temperatures
Interdiffusion between MCrAlY Bond Coats and Ni-base Single-Crystal Superalloys
Long-term Tests of Resistance of Laser Clad and Thermal Sprayed Inconel 625 Coatings to Hot Gas Corrosion in a Complex Atmosphere Containing HCl, SO2, and Ammonia
Synthesis of MCrAlYCcoatings via an Electrolytic Codeposition Process
Effect of Oxygen Incorporation on the Structure and Elasticity of Ti-Al-O-N Coatings Synthesized by Cathodic Arc and High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering
Improvement of the Fatigue and Wear Resistance of the Nitride-based Coatings used in Forming Tool Applications
Influence of Composition on the Wear Properties of Boron Carbonitride (BCN) Coatings Deposited by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Low Temperature In-situ Crystallization TiNi Shape Memory Thin Film Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering
Study on AlCrN Coatings Deposited by Modulated Pulsed Power Magnetron Sputtering for Lube Free Die Casting
Fabrication and Characterization of Nanolayered Single Element Nitride Coating: Case for TaN and HfN
High Transparency AZO film Synthesis by Magnetron Sputtering with Dual Confined High Density Magnetic Field
Bio-inspired Organic/Inorganic Multilayer Coatings Synthesized by RF Sputtering and Pulse Laser Deposition
The Effect of Substrate Pulsed Bias Voltage on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Coating-Substrate Adhesion of PVD Cr-Cu-N Nanocomposite Films
Reversing the Inverse Hardness-Toughness Trend using W/VC Multilayer Coatings
Thermal Effects Influencing Stability and Performance of Coatings in Automotive Applications
Hydrogen Permeation Behavior of Nitride Coatings and Surface-nitride Stainless Steel
Influence of Target Composition and Bias Voltage on the Microstructure, Mechanical, Tribological and Thermal Properties of Arc Evaporated Ti1-xAlxN Hard Coatings
Plasma-sprayed Coatings: Identification of Elasto-Plastic Properties using Macro-indentation and an Inverse Levenberg-Marquardt Method
Measuring Elastic Constants of TiZrN Thin Films by Combining cos2α sin2ψ XRD and Laser Curvature Methods : Effect of Film Compositions
Cutting Performance and Wear Behavior of AIP Deposited AlCrN Based Coating
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of PVD Titanium-based Multilayer Coatings with Modulated Nitrogen-to-titanium Ratio
Passive PT Symmetry in Organic Thin Films and Waveguides via Complex Index Modulation
Electrochemical Reduction of Methylene Blue Immobilized on Highly Ordered 3-dimensional Nanostructured Surfaces Studied by in-situ EC, QCM-D and Generalized Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Copper Oxide Thin Films: Comparative Study of Spectroscopy Ellipsometry and Morphology for Gas Sensing Applications
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of n-i-p Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon based Photovoltaic Devices
Insights into the Physical Properties of Organic Based Thin Film Electronic Devices by Using Light-Bias, Modulation, and Transient Measurement Techniques
X-RAY Scattering Methods for the Characterization of Layered Structures
Application of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Data Analysis with Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method on 1D Periodic Structures
Structural, Optical and Electrical Characteristics of SrTiO3 Thin Films Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Determination of Low Absorption Levels in Dielectric Films using the R&T Direct Absorption Method
Designing Electrode Coatings to Enhance Life of Lithium-Ion Cells
The Shielding Effect of Fe2O3 Coated LiCoO2 Particles in Radiation Environment
Formation of Palladium Hydrides in Low Temperature Ar/H2-Plasma
Electrolytic Coating of Sn on Nickel Foam Support for Highly Reversible Anode for Li Ion Batteries
Development of Composite Electrode using Oxide Solid Electrolyte for all Solid State Lithium Ion Battery by Spark Plasma Sintering
Functionally Graded CuSi Thin Film Anode by Magnetron Sputtering for Lithium Ion Battery
Resistivity Analysis of BiTiO Thin Films Produced by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
Reactive Gasless Nanocomposites: Structure – Reactivity Relationship
On the Micro/Nano-intermetallic Structures Formation During Steel to Aluminum Weld-brazing Process
Investigating the Compositional Limits of Self-Sustained Propagating Reactions in Sputter-Deposited Alx/Pty Multilayers
Growth of Atomically Smooth ZnO for Energetic ZnO/Al Nanolaminates
The Utilization of Metal/Metal Oxide Core-Shell Powders Optimizes the Dilution of Thermite Mixtures
Development of Free Standing, Flexible Tape Cast Energetic Material Films
Role of Trimethylaluminum and Cu at the Interfaces of Al/CuO Nanolaminates
Flash and Laser Ignition of Composite Al Particles with Dielectric Inclusions
An Atomic Scale Insight into Interface Layers Formation in Al/CuO Nanolaminated Thin Films: a Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of Deposition Process
Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Metastable Intermolecular Composites for Material Joining Purpose
Effect of Nano-engineered Interfaces in Alumina-free Magnetron Sputtered AL-CUO Nanolaminates
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