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Session Friday, May 2, 2014
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Deposition and Properties of a High Temperature Thermal Barrier Coating Using The Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process
Feasability of Multilayer Sol-Gel Thermal Barrier Coating Sensor for Through-thickness Temperature Sensing and Interface Delamination Early Diagnostic
Analysis of Possible Microstructures in Suspension Plasma Sprayed Deposits
Slurry Based Thermal Barrier Coatings with Quasi-foam Structures from Sintered Micro-sized Hollow Alumina Spheres
Characterization of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidized Coatings on Hot-dip Aluminized Carbon Steel
The Influence of Temperature Gradients on the Interaction of Molten Silicates with Thermal Barrier Coatings
The Effect of Cycle Frequency, H2O and CO2 on TBC Lifetime with NiCoCrAlYHfSi Bond Coatings
Failure Characteristics And Mechanisms Of Eb-Pvd Tbcs With Pt-Modified Nial Bond Coat
Time and Temperature Dependent Mechanical Properties of Superalloy Bond Coat at Nanometer Length Scale
Development and Performance Evaluations of HfO2-Si Based Bond Coat Systems for Advanced Environmental Barrier Coatings
The Chemical Functionalization of DLC to Create an Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Surface with High Thermal and Oxidative Stability
Deposition of Diamond-like Carbon Films on Steel Surfaces by Enhanced Asymmetrical Bipolar Pulsed-DC PECVD Method and Acetylene as Precursor
Developments of Amorphous Hydrogenated DLC Coatings for Automotive Applications
A MF-AC Enhanced PECVD Technology for High Rate Deposition of DLC
Modifications of Closed Drift Ion Source for Various Surface Treatments from Etching to Coating
Bias Effect on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Magnetron Sputtered Nanocrystalline Zirconium Tungsten Nitride Thin Films
Structural, Mechanical and Electronic Properties of 3d Transition Metal Nitrides in Cubic Zincblende, Rocksalt and Cesium Chloride Structures: a First-Principles Investigation
Local Residual Stress Measurement on Amorphous Plasma-sprayed Single-splats
Oxidation Behavior of TiC0.81N0.48 Coating and TiC0.61N0.44O0.15 Coating Deposited by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Modulus and Compressive Stress Graded Ti-C Coating on Ti-6Al-4V Aerospace Alloy
Ab-initio Simulation of Vacancy Formation in Ti0.5Al0.5N Alloy: From the Diverse Local Environments Towards Self-diffusion
Room-Temperature Plasticity in ZrC: Role of Crystal Anisotropy
Ab Initio Guided Design of Corundum Type (Al1-x-yCrxMy)2O3 Thin Films
Molecular Dynamics Study of the Growth of Various Crystalline Phases of Metal Oxides
Lattice Ordering Effects on Toughness Enhancement in TiN and VN Thin Films Alloys
A Computational Approach to Designing Boron Based Coatings
Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Characterization in the Photovoltaic Device Configuration
Broad Band Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Modelling of Metallic Structures using FDTD
Phase Stability and Intrinsic Growth Stresses in Ti/Nb Multilayered Thin Films
Experimental and Simulation Studies of Compact Nitride Layers Growth During Plasma Nitriding of Pure Iron
Metal-Dielectric Coatings and their Applications in Optical Instruments and Optical Microscopy - Optimizing Performance and New Developments
Comparison of Plasma Characteristics of DC and Pulsed Arc Evaporation
Hybrid Coatings in Arc Systems: HI3 Process (HIPAC plus arc), Types of Nitriding Processes and DLC
Recent Developments in ALD Equipment and Processes
Integration of HiPIMS Equipment into an Industrial Coating Production for Cutting Tools
Replacement of Electroplating Produced in a Flexible Inline Production Platform
Mechanical and Tribological Property of Titanium Series Thick Coating Deposited by our Kobelco new PVD Machine, AIP-G60R
Superhydrophobic Coating Deposition with Atmospheric rf Plasma
Atmospheric Plasma Deposition of Thin Films for Aerospace Applications
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Polymerization on PE to Increase Bone Cement Adhesion
Disinfection, Decontamination, and Nano-particle Production using a Pulsed Submerged Arc
Plasma Reforming of Ethanol
Removal of Organic and Inorganic Coatings using Atmospheric Pressure Air Plasma
Facile Synthesis of Pt-Pd Bimetallic Nanoparticles by Plasma Discharge in Liquid and their Electrocatalytic Activity Toward Methanol Oxidation in Alkaline Media
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