ICMCTF2008 Monday Morning

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Session Monday, April 28, 2008
10:00 AM 11:00 AM
Reinforced Carbon Foams Prepared by Chemical Vapor Infiltration : a Process Modeling Approach
Simulation of Preform Morphological Evolution During Chemical Vapor Infiltration to Obtain Infiltrability Properties
Nanostructured Multilayer Metallurgical Coatings Grown by Atmospheric Pressure DLI-CVD: Application to Chromium Carbides and Nitrides
Thermodynamic Simulation of Atmospheric DLI-CVD Processes for the Growth of Chromium Based Hard Coatings Using Bis(benzene)Chromium as Molecular Source
Self-Organization of Structure Defects in Super-Hard Nanocomposites
Combined Effects of Wear and Oxidation of Mixed Arc-Evaporated / Magnetron Sputtered CrSiN Coatings Deposited on Steel
Growth and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Cr-Si-N Films by a Hybrid Coating System
Electronic Structure, Mechanical and Structural Properties of Al-Si-N Nanocomposite Coatings
Influence of Si and Al Content on the Oxidation Kinetics of Arc Evaporated Al-Cr-N Thin Films
Influence of the Nitriding and TiAlN Coating Thickness on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Duplex Coating Systems on H13 Die Steel
Friction and Galling Properties of Coatings and Surface Treatments for Cold Forming Applications
Surface-Nano-Texturing by Aluminum-Induced Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon
Abrasive Wear Resistance of Ti1-xAlxN Hard Coatings Deposited by a Vacuum Arc System with Lateral Rotating Cathodes
Arc Evaporated Ti-Al-Ta-N Coatings: the Effect of Bias Voltage and Ta on High-Temperature Tribological Properties
Advanced Analysis Methods for Advanced Coatings: The Use of Ions, Photons and Electrons
Microstructural and Compositional Studies of TiAlSiN Nanostructured Coatings
Characterisation of Silica Films Deposited on Titanium Substrates: Analysis of Surface Chemistry, Morphology and Functional Hydroxyl Groups
PVD-Grown Photocatalytic TiO2 Thin Films on Polymer Substrates for Sensors and Actuators Applications
SEM and Raman Study of Anatase Nano-Structures
Approaches to High Performance Coating Solutions by Means of Hybrid PVD and Duplex Process Technologies
Performance of Arc Coated Carbide Drills in Dependence of Post-Treatment-Techniques
Improvements in High Performance Cutting Due to Cutting Edge Design
Mechanical Post-Treatment of CVD Coated Cemented Cutting Tools for Increased Toughness and Failure Resistance
Surface Functionalization of Surgical Implants for Cell Guidance and Control
Smart Modification of Magnetron Sputtered TiN Surfaces for Stimulated Differentiation
Surface Immobilization and Characterization of Biomolecules
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