ICMCTF2008 Friday Morning

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Session Friday, May 2, 2008
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Chromium and Titanium Film Deposition Using a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc Plasma Source
The Structure and Properties of Deposits Produced by EB- and Vacuum Arc PVD Techniqus
The Structure and Properties of Ti, Ti36Al and Ti/Al Deposits Produced by Cathodic Arc Evaporation
Deposition of Thick Cr-Cu Coatings Using Twin Crucible Electron-Beam Physical Vapour Deposition
Filtered Laser-Arc: A New Technology for Deposition of Smooth ta-C Films
Influence of Hollow Cathode Plasma on AlCrN-Thin Film Deposition With Vacuum Arc Evaporation Sources
Pulsed Arc Evaporation and the Influence of the Pulse Mode on Al-Cr-O Layer Properties
Optical Coatings in Aerospace: Requirements, Performance and Limitations
Effects of Interfacial Properties and Residual Stress in SiC/Si3N4 Multilayer Stacks on Mirror Replication
Maintenance and Use of Robust Reflectance Standards in the EUV
Infrared-Reflecting Thin Film Coatings
Irreversible Effects of Annealing on Magnetron-Sputtered Tantalum Pentoxide Films
Recent Progress in Modification of Film Structure and Optical and Electrical Properties in rf-Plasma-Assisted Pulsed Sputtering
Enhanced Formation of Er3+-Yb3+ Codoped Al2O3 Thin Films by a Non-Aqueous Sol-Gel Method
Plasma Enhanced Deposition of Cubic Boron Nitride Films Under Ultralow-Energy Ion Impact: Structural Evolution and Electrical Properties
c-BN Coating Systems for Cemented Carbide Cutting Inserts
Water Adsorption on Fullerene-Like Carbon Nitride Overcoats
Chemical and Mechanical Characterizations of Silicon Carbon Nitride Thin Films Synthesized by Magnetron Reactive Physical Vapour Deposition
A Comparative Study of Carbon Nitride Coatings Deposited by DC-Magnetron Sputtering in Laboratory and Industrial-Scale Deposition Systems
Defects and Doping in In-Rich Group III-Nitrides
Growth and Characterization of Er-Doped GaN Nano-Crystals
Competition Between Gradual Wear and Fracture Mechanics Based Wear
Thermal Evolution of Hard Ti-B-N Based Coatings Deposited on Stainless Steel
Mechanical Properties and Deformation of CrN and Cr/CrN Coatings During Nanoindentation: Experiments and Theoretical Calculations
Atomic Scale Modeling of Interfacial Adhesion in Optical Coatings
Atomistic Modelling of Nanoindentation of Oxide Materials
Finite Element Analysis of Adhesion Failure During Contact in Multilayer Coatings on Glass
Cohesive Zone Modeling for Delamination Evaluations of Diamond Coating Tools
In-Situ XRD Studies of Thin Film and Nanostructure Growth
Measurement of Strain Evolution in Polycrystalline Films During Thermal Processing
Small Signal Frequency Response Studies for Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
In-Situ Scanning Electron Microscopy Based Micro-/Nanomechanical Testing
Cathodoluminescence Study of Phase Transformation Processes in κ- and γ-Alumina Coatings Caused by Heat Treatment
Thermal Stability and Surface Morphological Evolution of Transition-Metal Nitrides
Advanced Fabrication Process and Measurements of Thin-Film Sensors
Monitoring of Turning Processes by Means of Thin Coatings
Low Temperature Multilayer α-Alumina Films for Machining Applications
Wettability Control of Photocatalytic Crystal Layers by Hydrophobic Coating and Subsequent UV Light Irradiation
Future Development of Steel Sheet Coating Systems Based on Novel Thin Film Coating Technologies
Material Transfer Phenomena and Failure Mechanisms of Cr-Al-N Coating
Electric Property Improvement of Electroless Copper Thin Films Prepared by Pulsating Current at Low Dissolved Oxygen Level
Investigation of HPPMS in Unipolar, Bipolar, and DC-Superimposed Mode
Deposition and Characterisation of Industrial Scale, Low Temperature Me-DLC and C-DLC Thin Films Produced by a Combined HIPIMS / Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering (UBM) Technique
Ionized-PVD with HIPIMS - Industrial Potentials and Scientific Challenges
Mechanical and Tribological Properties of TiN Films Prepared by HIPIMS
Modulated Pulse Power Deposition of Carbon, Chromium, Carbon Nitride and Chromium Nitride Coatings
Properties of (Al,Cr)N and (Al,Cr,Si)N Coatings for Cutting Tools in Demanding Cutting Operations Deposited by HPPMS
Influence of Discharge Current and Target Material on the Ion Energy and Composition of HIPIMS Plasmas Near the Substrate
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