ICMCTF2005 Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Tuesday, May 3, 2005
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM 4:30 PM
Thermal Barrier Coating Life Improvement Options
Enhancing the Reliability of Thermal Barrier Coatings by Advanced Process Control
Formation of Vertical Cracks In Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Thermal Barrier Coatings
The Effect of Oxidation Pre-Teatment on the Cyclic Life of EB-PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings with Platinum-Aluminide Bond Coats
Directed Vapor Deposition of Al-Ni-Cr Bond Coats
Thermal Cycling Life of Thermal Barrier Coatings using Cryomilled NiCrAlY Powders as Bond Coat Material
Using Thermal Phase Shift Method for Investigating the Influence of Deposition Process on Thermal Diffusivity of EB-PVD Thermal Barrier Coatings
Plasma Sprayed Thick Thermal Barrier Coatings with Improved Thermal Shock Resistance
Effect of Morphology of EB-PVD PYSZ TBCs on Thermal Conductivity
High Current Pulsed Arc for Nano-Materials Applications: Developments in Electronic Discharge Triggering, Cathode Spot Control and Multilayer Deposition
Influence of Background Gas Pressure on Copper Film Deposition and Ion Current in a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc
Current Issues in Arc Deposition Technology: An Industry Perspective
Effect of Ion Energy on Structure and Composition of Cathodic Arc Deposited Alumina Thin Films
Combination of Ion Plating and Metal Ion Implantation for Low- Temperature Coating on Rapid Prototyping Materials
Changes in Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of TiAlN/Metal Nitride Multilayers by Thermal Annealing
Deposition of Yttria-Stablized Zirconia Films using Arc Ion Plating
Erosion Resistance Coatings Base on the TiN, Produced by Modification of Vacuum Arc Deposition
A Review of Multifunctional Wear and Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Nanocomposite Tribological Coatings Prepared by a Hybrid of Filtered Cathodic Arc and Magnetron Sputtering. Part I: Deposition Process, Coating Structure and Basic Property Characterization
Nanocomposite Tribological Coatings Prepared by a Hybrid of Filtered Cathodic Arc and Magnetron Sputtering. Part II: Friction, Wear and Corrosion Protective Properties
Interface Smoothening in Multilayers Deposited by Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering
Formation of Nano-Multilayered Coatings in Industrial Hybrid Coater and their Cutting Performance
Manufacture, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CrWN and CrN/WN Nanolayered Coatings
The Crystalline Structure, Hardness and Thermal Stability of AlN-CrN Superlattice Coatings Prepared by D.C. Magnetron Sputtering
Mechanics of Optical Coatings in Extreme Thermal Environments
White OLED Using β-Diketones Rare Earth Bi-Nuclear Complex as Emitting Layer
Structures and Electrochromic Properties of Ta0.3W0.7Ox Thin Films Deposited by Pulsed Laser Ablation
Combinatorial Deposition of EL Phosphor Thin Films by r.f. Magnetron Sputtering using a Subdivided Powder Target
Material Aspects for Transparent and Conductive ZnO Films being Importnat for a-Si:H/µc-Si:H Thin Film Solar and Display Applications
The Effects of Oxygen Partial Pressure on Local Structural Properties for Ga-Doped ZnO Thin Films
Carbon Nanotubes for HDTVs and Progress
Evolution of Structure and Morphology during PECVD Growth of Carbon Nanosheets
Low Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes by Microwave CVD with Sm-Co Catalyst
On the Characteristics of Iron-Silicon Thin Film Catalysts for Rapid, Low-Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes
Gigahertz Carbon Nanotube/Fiber Cathodes
First Principles Calculation of the Field Emission of Nitrogen/Boron-Doped Carbon Nanotube
The Use of CVD Diamond Electrodes in the Oxidation of Organics
Diamond/Nanodiamond Vacuum Field Emission Devices
Plasma Enhanced Synthesis of Diamond Nanocones Films
Preparation of Highly Stable, Low Capacitance, Active Carbon by Polymer Blend
New Developments in Thermo-Chemical Diffusion Processes
Industrial Feasibility of the Nitrocoat Process
Effect of Coating Thickness and Deposition Methods on The Stripping Rate of Cr-N Coatings
Plasma Surface Modification of Particles
Fluoride Films Produced by Ion Assisted Deposition using a Gridless Ion Source
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Based Nanocomposite Coatings on Cutting Tools with Chip Breakers for Hard Turning Applications
Quantum Cascade Laser-Absorption Spectroscopy: A Useful Tool for On-Line Process Monitoring
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