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Topic Name
2D 2D Materials
AC Actinides and Rare Earths Focus Topic
AP Atomic Scale Processing Focus Topic
AS Applied Surface Science Division
BI Biomaterial Interfaces Division
BP Biomaterials Plenary Session
CA Chemical Analysis and Imaging Interfaces Focus Topic
DM Fundamental Aspects of Material Degradation Focus Topic
EL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Focus Topic
EM Electronic Materials and Photonics Division
EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Workshops
HC Fundamental Discoveries in Heterogeneous Catalysis Focus Topic
HI Advanced Ion Microscopy and Ion Beam Nano-engineering Focus Topic
LS Frontiers of New Light Sources Applied to Materials, Interfaces, and Processing Focus Topic
MI Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division
MN MEMS and NEMS Group
MS Manufacturing Science and Technology Group
NS Nanometer-scale Science and Technology Division
OX Complex Oxides: Fundamental Properties and Applications Focus Topic
PS Plasma Science and Technology Division
QS Materials and Processes for Quantum Information, Computing and Science Focus Topic
RA New Challenges to Reproducible Data and Analysis Focus Topic
SE Advanced Surface Engineering Division
SS Surface Science Division
TF Thin Films Division
TL Energy Transition Focus Topic
VT Vacuum Technology Division
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