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Session Thursday, October 28, 1999
8:20 AM 9:20 AM 10:20 AM
The Real World: Surface Analysis Applications and Innovations in Industry
Effect of Sputtering Gas on Cleaning Al-Based Intermetallics and the Determination of Surface Compositions based on Auger Analysis
Failure Mechanisms of Adhesively Bonded Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Studied by Small Area XPS
Novel X-ray Sensor Suite for In Situ Optimization of Thin Film Architectures
A 300mm SAM, with EDX and FIB for Full Wafer Defect and Thin Film Characterization
A Study of the Surface Chemistry and Physical Properties Related to Adhesion of the Polyimide Passivation Layer by XPS, FTIR, and Contact Angle Measurements
Diffusion of Large Molecules on Metallic Surfaces using TOFSIMS
Identification of Surface Chemical Functional Groups in Reverse Osmosis Membranes: An X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study
Nucleation and Growth of Calcium Phosphate on Self-Assembled Monolayers
Surface Modification of a Model Biomaterial by UV-Laser and/or Electron Beam Irradiation1
Synthesis and Surface Characterization of Peptide-Modified Interpenetrating Polymer Networks that Control Biomineralization
Osteoblast Behavior on Surfaces with Varied RGD Peptide Surface Concentrations Prepared Using Gold-Thiol Self-Assembly
Molecular Recognition at the Protein-Biomineral Interface
Kinetics and Interfacial Energy Studies of Biomineralization
Incorporation of Dye Molecules into Calcium Oxalate Host Crystals
Molecular Orientation in Artificial Joint Polymers: Characterizing the Precursors of Wear with Soft X-ray Absorption
Peptide Functionalized Titanium Alloy Surfaces for Orthopedic and Dental Materials
Strength of Nanoscale Copper Under Shear
A Discussion of the Interconnection Science and Technologies
Electrochemical Deposition Cu Films for ULSI Applications
Complete Filling of High-Purity Copper in Subquarter-Micron Trench Structure Using Plasma CVD Reactor with H Atom Source
The Stability of Thin TiN and TaN Layers as Diffusion Barriers for Copper under Thermal Annealing and Bias Temperature Stress Conditions
Surface Modification and Cleaning Enhancement of TaSiN Films with Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid*
Fluroinated Amorphous Carbon - A Low Dielectric Constant Material for Multilevel Interconnect Applications
Multilayered Si-Based Organic Thin Films with Low-Dielectric-Constant Formed by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition from Hexamethyldisiloxane
Low-k Si-O-C-H Composite Films Prepared by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition using BTMSM(bis-trimethylsilylmethane) Precursor
Dielectric Passivation/Oxides on Compound Semiconductors
Study of GaAs Oxidation in H2O2 and H2O using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
The Effective Two-step Passivation of Metal/GaAs Interface with Sulfur and Hydrogen Plasma
Advanced Selective Dry Etching of GaAs/AlGaAs in High Density Inductively Coupled Plasmas
Characterization of Hydrogen Passivation in p-type InP (100)
Synchrotron Radiation-Induced Wet Processing of GaAs*
1-D Propagation of a Magnetic Domain Wall in Submicron Magnetic Wire
Magnetism of Interconnected Co Nanodots Grown on the N-modified Cu(001) Surface
Periodic Magnetic Microstructures using Glancing Angle Deposition
Magnetic Quantum Cellular Automata
Growth, Magnetization, and Magnetoresistance of Self-Assembled Lateral Multilayers
Stripe Domains in Ultraflat Fe/Cu(001) Particles
Magnetic Properties of Iron Clusters Deposited on Graphite
Magnetic Properties of Co and Fe Particles on Sapphire Single Crystal Surfaces
Magnetic Behavior of Nanosize Cobalt Particles in (SiO2, MgO, CoO) Matrix
Magnetic Micromachining Technology: From Materials to Components to Actuators
Fabrication and Characterization of Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films with Hydrofluoric Acid Permeability for Sacrificial Etching of Underlying Oxide Layers
A New Chemistry for Rapid Etching of SiO2
Residual Stress Characterization of Thick PECVD Oxide Films for MEMS Applications
Process and Fabrication of a Thin Film PZT Pressure Sensor
Microfabricated Low-Power Broad-Band Light Source Utilizing Tungsten Filaments
ESH as One of the Key Criteria for Semiconductor Process Development
The Environmental Impact of Perfluorinated Compounds used in the Semiconductor Industry
Optimization of Processing Plasmas in the Semiconductor Industry for Minimal Environmental Impact
PFC Abatement in Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactors using O2, H2 and H2O as Additive Gases1
Modeling of Nonisothermal, Coupled Neutral/Plasma Dynamics in PFC Abatement Plasmas
Remote Plasma Sources for Cleaning CVD Reactors: Development and Implementation of a Technology for Green Manufacturing of Integrated Circuits
Study of NF3-Based High Density Plasma Oxide Etch Processes for Reduced Global Warming Emissions
Environmentally Harmonized Silicon Oxide Selective Etching Process Employing Novel Radical Injection Technique
Carbon Nanotube Molecular Electronics
Electrical Transport in Single-Wall Nanotube Rings: Coherence and Localization
Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect-Transistors (FETs)
Novel Length Scales in Nanotube Devices
Field Emission from Carbon Nanotubes and Its Application to Electron Sources in Display Elements
Emission Properties of Large-area, Fully-sealed Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Display
The Structure of Nanotubes Observed with Thermal Field Emission
Fabrication and Field Emission Properties of Adherent Carbon Nanotube Films
Characterization of Oriented Carbon Nanotube Cathodes for Field Emission Flat Panel Display and Light Source Applications
Theoretical Analysis of the Interactions of Chemically Reactive Clusters from Silane Plasmas with Crystalline and Amorphous Silicon Surfaces
Hydrogen Atom Reactions in a-SiC:H Film Growth
An In Situ Study of Plasma Deposition of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Using Multiple Total Internal Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy
Plasma and Surface Chemistry in a Remote Silane Plasma Studied By Various Diagnostics and Related to a-Si:H Film Quality
Competition Between Etching and Deposition in Methane/Hydrogen Plasma Interactions with the Si(100) Surface
A Multi-dimensional Model for an Inductively Coupled Ar/C4F8 Discharge
Inorganic Plasma Low-k Materials - Aurora 2.7 -
Plasma Modification of Polymeric Membranes
Polymer Surfaces Modified Using RF Plasma
Two-Dimensional Phase Transitions in Amphiphile Monolayers
Surface Phase Transitions of Asymmetric Dialkyl Disulfide Self-Assembled Monolayers
Structure, Bonding and Reactivity of Self-assembled Monolayers
Structure of Partially Fluorinated n-alkanethiols on Polycrystalline Gold and Silver Surfaces
Controlling the Placement of Molecules in the Self Assembly and Directed Assembly of Organic Monolayers
Protein Adsorption to Model Surfaces: Probe Adhesion Between Fibrinogen and Patterned SAMs
Modification of Self-Assembled Monolayers by X-ray, Electron and Thermal Treatments
Electron-induced Damage in Thio-functionalized Alkanethiol Monolayers
Sensitivity of Alkanethiol Self-assembled Monolayers toward Low-energy Electron Irradiation
Evolving Surface Morphology: An In Situ STM Study of 2-20 nm SiGe Quantum Wells Grown on 75 mm Si (100) Wafers
Hydrogen-Mediated Surface Morphological Evolution in Si0.7Ge0.3/Si(001) Layers Grown by Hydride Gas-source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Interdiffusion During Growth of Ge on Si(100)
Confined Intermixing of Ge and Si
Surface Segregation and Surface Reactivity in Heteroepitaxial Vapor Phase Thin Film Growth: Si1-xGex on Si(111)
The Role of Arsenic Surfactant in the Growth of Germanium Thin Films on Si(100) Surfaces
The Dynamics of the Si(111) (7x7) to (1x1) Phase Transition Investigated by Low Energy Electron Microscopy
The Motion of Atomic Steps on Ultra-Flat Si(111)
Novel Growth Behavior of Ge on Pb Covered Si(111) Surface
The Growth of High Density, Small Ag Islands at the Si(111)7x7 Surfaces with Adatom Defects
Determination of Sticking Probability and Transition State Energy by Line-of-Sight Detection: Halocarbons on Cu(111)
Demonstration of Angle Resolved Auger-photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy from a Solid: First Results from the Cu(111) Surface
Multiple Atom Resonant Photoemission: A New Tool for Determining Near-Neighbor Atomic Identities and Bonding
Incident Beam Diffraction in Electron Stimulated Desorption
Direct Atomistic Observation of Structural Dynamics in Surfaces and Interfaces by Time-Resolved High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
Ionization Mechanisms of Water in High Interfacial Electric Fields
Free Electron Laser Nanospectroscopy Interface Applications
Imaging and Charge Transport Measurements using Dual-Probe Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
The Miniature Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer: A New Tool For Surface Analysis
Investigations of Surface Reactions on Thin Film-Supported Catalysts Using Microhotplate Arrays
Thin Films from Slow and Energetic Cluster Impact
Spark-Processing - A Novel Technique to Prepare Light-Emitting, Nanocrystalline Silicon Films
Interesting Properties of Nanophase Films Deposited from a High-rate, Nanoparticle Beam
Simulation of Fundamental Physical Phenomena in the Deposition of Nanophase Thin Films using a Sputtering Based Source
Deposited Porous Silicon on Insulator Substrates
Optical Properties of Chiral Thin Film Nanostructures and Composites
Solid State Electrochromic Devices for Thermal Emittance Control
Correlation Between Phase Constituency and Near Ultraviolet Optical Absorption in Nanophase Titania Films
A Comparison of Outgassing Rates from Stainless and Carbon Steels
Experiments with Thin-Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber
Review of Models for the Outgassing of Water Vapor from Metallic Surfaces
Measuring and Locating Internal Helium Leaks in the RHIC Insulating Vacuum System
Contraflow Leak Detectors with Improved Sensitivity Under High Helium Background Conditions*
LIGO Beam Tube Component and Module Leak Testing
Low-flow Measurements Techniques for Calibrating Mass Flow Controllers
Dimensionless Parameters for Laminar Flowmeters
Decay Rate of Photoresist Outgassing from Ion Implantation
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