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Session Tuesday, July 25, 2023
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Nanoscale Surface Engineering for Battery Electrode and Solid Ionic Electrolytes
Enabling Fast Charging of Lithium-ion Batteries by Coating of Graphite with ALD
Aluminum Doping of Lithium Phosphate using Atomic Layer Deposition
Developing High-Performance Nickel-Rich Cathodes of Lithium-ion Batteries via Atomic Layer Deposition
Molecular-Layer-Deposited Zincone Films Induce the Formation of LiF-Rich Interphase for Lithium Metal Anodes
Deconvoluting the Impacts of Lithium Morphology and SEI Stability on Battery Cyclability Using ALD-Grown Thin Films
Break & Exhibits
ALD for MEMS Sensors and Actuators
Applications of Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, and Antiferroelectric Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition
Effect of RF Substrate Biasing in Tuning the Tribological Properties of Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposited Titanium Vanadium Nitride Thin Films
Towards ALD of hard AlTiN coatings
Precursor Design Enabling Angstrom Era Semiconductor Manufacturing
Atomic Layer Deposition of Silver Halides
Novel Metal Fluoride ALD Processes
Halide-free, Low Melting, Volatile, Thermally Stable Mo(0) Precursors for ALD of Mo films
Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of MoC Thin Films
Precursors and Processes for the Atomic Layer Deposition of Bismuth Metal Thin Films
Atomic Layer Deposition of Tin Oxide Thin Films Using a New Liquid Precursor Bis(ethylcyclopentadienyl) Tin
Break & Exhibits
Influence of Plasma Species on the Growth Kinetics, Morphology, and Crystalline Properties of Epitaxial InN Films Grown by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition
Towards Self-Limiting III-Nitride Epitaxy via Hollow-Cathode Nitrogen Plasmas
Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Gallium Nitride at 150 - 300°C using Tris(dimethylamido)gallium Precursor and Hydrazine
Crystalline Gallium Nitride Deposition on SiO2/Si by RF-Biased Atomic Layer Annealing
Intensified Atomic Layer Deposition and Atomic Layer Etching
Mass Changes During and After Al(CH3)3 Exposures for Thermal Al2O3 ALE at Low TemperaturesUsing HF and Al(CH3)3 as Reactants
Crystallinity of Sacrificial Etch Layer Influences Resulting Structure During Simultaneous Deposition and Etching
There's no Place like a Surface: How Deposition and Etch Chemistry Depend on the Nature of the Surface
Substrate Dependent HfO2 Atomic Layer Etch Rate Evolution Observed by In-situ Quartz Crystal Microbalance during Integrated ALD+ALE
Al Mirror Passivation with Atomic Layer Etching of Native Oxide and in-Situ Passivation with Atomic Layer Deposition of AlF3 or MgF2
Plasma Oxidation of Copper: Molecular Dynamics Study with Neural Network Potentials
Multi-scale Simulation Study for the Role of High C/F ratio Plasma on Etch Selectivity of SiO2 and Si3N4 in q-ALE
Selecting a Method for ALE Modeling
Advances in the Industrial Adoption of Selective ALD Processes
Control of Silanol Density in Silicon Oxide Surfaces via Gas-Phase Treatments to Control Metal Atomic Layer Deposition
Inherently Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of Device-Quality Hf1-xZrxO2 Thin Films through Catalytic Local Activation
Targeted Dehydration as a Route to Site-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition at TiO2 Defects
Inhibitor-Free Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition based on Atomic Layer Nucleation Engineering and Surface Recovery with a Feature Size of Nearly 10 nm
Dopant-selective Choreography of Metal Deposition for Bottom-up Nanoelectronics
Effect of Surface Pretreatment to reduce the Incubation Period of Iridium Thin Film grown by ALD on the Oxide Surface
Break & Exhibits
Consequences of Random Sequential Adsorption of Inhibitor Molecules for Loss of Selectivity During ALD
In-Situ Formation of Inhibitor Species Through Catalytic Surface Reactions During Area-Selective Tan ALD
Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of Ru and W Using W Precursor Inhibitor
Partial Surface Passivation for Controlled Growth and Conformality Improvement on High Aspect Ratio Features Using Small Molecule Inhibitors
Fundamental Surface Chemistry Considerations for Selecting Small Molecule Inhibitors for AS-ALD
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