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Session Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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ALD for Solar Fuels: Rendering Halide Perovskites Acid-Compatible + Precision Cluster Electrocatalysts
Plasma-Assisted ALD of Cobalt Phosphate: Process Development and Electro-Catalytic Activity Towards Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Improved Electrochemical Activity of Pt Catalyst Fabricated by Vertical Forced-Flow Atomic Layer Deposition
Improved Catalyst Selectivity and Longevity using Atomic Layer Deposition
Enhancing Co2C Activity for C2+ Oxygenate Production from Syngas using ALD Promoters
Atomic Layer Deposition of Bismuth Vanadate Core-Shell Nanowire Photoanodes
Improved Photocatalytic Efficiency by Depositing Pt and SiO2 on TiO2 (P25) using Atomic Layer Deposition in a Fluidized Bed
Atomic Layer Deposition of Glassy Lithium Borate-Carbonate Electrolytes for Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries
ALD Interlayers for Stabilization of Li10GeP2S12 Solid Electrolytes Against Li Metal Anodes
ALD and MLD on Lithium Metal – A Practical Approach Toward Enabling Safe, Long Lasting, High Energy Density Batteries
Synergistic Effect of 3D Current Collectors and ALD Surface Modification for High Coulombic Efficiency Lithium Metal Anodes
Atomic Layer Deposition FeS@CNT from Elemental Sulfur as an Electrode for Lithium-Ion batteries
Surface Chemistry during ALD of Nickel Sulfide
In situ and In vacuo Studies on Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposited Cobalt Films
Investigation of PEALD Grown HfO2 Thin Films via Near Ambient Pressure XPS: Precursor Tuning, Process Design and a New In-situ Examination Approach for Studying Film Surfaces Exposed to Reactive Gases
Surface Science Studies of GaN Substrates Subjected to Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Processes
Infrared and Optical Emission Spectroscopy on Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma-Enhanced Spatial ALD of Al2O3
Fingerprinting of ALD Reaction Products with Time-Resolved In situ Mass Spectrometry
Studying Pt and Pd Nanoparticle ALD through X-ray based In situ Characterization
Characterizing Water Delivery for ALD Processes
A Nickel Chloride Adduct Complex as a Precursor for Low-Resistivity Nickel Nitride Thin Films with Tert-butylhydrazine as a Coreactant
Simple, Rationally Designed Aluminum Precursors for the Deposition of Low-impurity AlN Films
Atomic Layer Deposition of Lead(II) Sulfide at Temperatures Below 100 °C
Development and Characterization of a Novel Atomic Layer Deposition Process for Transparent p-Type Semiconducting Nickel Oxide using Ni(tBu2DAD)2 and Ozone
Blocking Thermolysis in Diamido Plumbylenes
ALD of Sc2O3 with Sc(cp)3 and a Novel Heteroleptic Precursors
A Novel Self-limited Atomic Layer Deposition of WS2 based on the Chemisorption and Reduction of bis(t-butylimido)bis(dimethylamino) Complexes
Enabling Nucleation Phenomena Studies of ALD Deposited Films by In-situ High-Resolution TEM
In-situ ellipsometric analysis of plasma assisted ALD grown- stoichiometric and crystalline AlN films
Film Properties of ALD SiNx Deposited by Trisilylamine and N2 Plasma
Comparison of Properties of Conductive Nitride Films Prepared by PEALD using Quartz and Sapphire Plasma Sources
Role of Hydrogen Radicals in the Surface Reactions of Trimethyl-Indium (TMI) with Ar/N2 Plasma in Hollow-Cathode Plasma-Assisted ALD
Analyses of Hexafluoroacetylacetone (Hfac) Adsorbed on Transition Metal Surfaces
Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Nitride using an Oxidation and “Conversion-Etch” Mechanism
Thermal Dry Atomic Layer Etching of Cobalt with Sequential Exposure to Molecular Chlorine and Diketones
Spontaneous Etching of B2O3 and TiO2 by HF: Removal Reaction in WO3 ALE and TiN ALE
Thermal Based Atomic Layer Etching of Aluminum Oxide and Titanium Nitride
Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Amorphous and Crystalline Hafnium Oxide, Zirconium Oxide and Hafnium Zirconium Oxide
Isotropic Atomic Layer Etching of Cobalt with Smooth Etched Surfaces by using Cyclic Repetition of Plasma Oxidation and Organometallization
Atomic Layer Etching for Germanium using Halogen Neutral Beam =Comparison between Br and Cl Chemistry=
A New Etching / Passivation Process in Cyclic Mode for Spacer Etching in 3D CMOS Integrations
Atomic Layer Etching of Transition Metals with Gas Cluster Ion Beam Irradiation and Acetylacetone
Atomic Layer Etching at Atmospheric Pressure
Overview of Wet And Dry Selective Processes Driven by Area Activation or Deactivation Down to Below 20nm Critical Dimensions
Electron-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (EE-ALD) of Cobalt Metal Films at Room Temperature
Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition on Molecular Design
From Surface Dependence in Atomic Layer Deposition to Area-Selective Deposition of TiN in Nanoscale Patterns
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