Topics and Divisions (click a Code link to see its Session list)

Topic Code Topic Name
A Coatings for Use at High Temperatures
B Hard Coatings and Vapor Deposition Technologies
C Fundamentals and Technology of Multifunctional Materials and Devices
D Coatings for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
E Tribology and Mechanical Behavior of Coatings and Engineered Surfaces
EX Exhibitors Keynote Lecture
F New Horizons in Coatings and Thin Films
G Surface Engineering - Applied Research and Industrial Applications
H Advanced Characterization Techniques for Coatings and Thin Films
HL Bunshah Award Honorary Lecture
LB Late-Breaking Abstracts
PL Plenary Lecture
SIT Special Interest Talk
SIT2 Special Interest Talk 2
TS Topical Symposia