AVS2011 WeM Sessions , Wednesday, November 2, 2011 8:00 AM

Wednesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS+BI+NS-WeM AS Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy
BI-WeM BI Cells at Interfaces
EM-WeM EM Low-k Materials and Devices
EN+EM+NS-WeM EN Quantum Dot and Nanowire Solar Cells
EN+NS-WeM EN Organic Photovoltaics
EW-WeM EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight
GR+MN-WeM GR Graphene: Mechanical and Thermal Properties, Graphene MEMS and NEMS
HI+AS+BI+NS-WeM HI Nano- and Bio- Imaging with Helium Ion Microscopy
MI-WeM MI Fundamental Problems in Magnetism
NM+AS+MS-WeM NM Nanomanufacturing Issues: Metrology and Environmental Concerns
NS-WeM NS Carbon-Based Nanomaterials
NT+AS+MI-WeM NT Applications of Neutron Scattering I
PS+SE-WeM PS Atmospheric Plasma Processing and Micro Plasmas
PS+SS-WeM PS Plasma Surface Interactions (Fundamentals & Applications) I
SE+SS-WeM SE Surface Engineering for Thermal Management
SS1-WeM SS Atomistic Control of Structure & Evolution
SS2-WeM SS Chemisorption on Metal & Oxide Nanoparticles
TF1+EM-WeM TF ALD/MLD: Hybrid Organic Films
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