AVS2009 WeM Sessions , Wednesday, November 11, 2009 8:00 AM

Wednesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS+NS-WeM AS Nanoparticle and Nanoscale Surface Chemistry II
AS-WeM AS Electron Spectroscopies
BI+AS+BM+MS-WeM BI Array-Based Sensors and Diagnostics: Grand Challenges
EM-WeM EM Organic & Molecular Electronics
EN-WeM EN Energy Frontiers Research Centers
EW-WeM EW Exhibitor Workshop
GR+MI-WeM GR Spins in Graphene: Injection and Manipulation
IJ+BI+MN-WeM IJ Microfluidic Fundamentals and Inkjet Technology
NS-WeM NS Nanoscale Devices and Sensors and Welch Award
PS1-WeM PS Plasma Diagnostics, Sensors, and Control I
PS2+TF-WeM PS Plasma Deposition and Plasma-assisted ALD
SS1-WeM SS Water/Surface Interactions & Environmental Chemistry I
SS2-WeM SS Surface Chemistry and Dynamics
TF-WeM TF Nanostructuring Thin Films I
TR+NS-WeM TR Nanomechanics and Nanotribology
VT-WeM VT Partical and Theoretical Aspects of Gas Dynamics
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview