Surface Science Division Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
HC+SS-MoMUtilization of Theoretical Models, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence for Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOralMonday, 08:20 AMA212
SS+HC-MoACO2, CO, Water, and Small Molecule Chemistry at SurfacesOralMonday, 01:40 PMA220-221
PS+AS+EM+SS+TF-MoAPlasma-Surface InteractionsOralMonday, 01:40 PMB130
RA+AS+NS+SS-MoAQuantitative Surface Analysis II/Big Data, Theory and ReproducibilityOralMonday, 01:40 PMA211
TF+2D+AP+EL+SS-MoAALD and CVD: Nucleation, Surface Reactions, Mechanisms, and KineticsOralMonday, 01:40 PMA124-125
TL+2D+HC+SS-MoASurface Reaction Mechanisms in Energy Conversion (ALL INVITED SESSION)OralMonday, 01:40 PMA212
SS+2D+HC-TuMAtom Manipulation and Synthesis/Oxide Surface Reactions & Flash SessionOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA220-221
AP+EL+MS+PS+SS+TF-TuAAdvancing Metrology and Characterization to enable Atomic Layer ProcessingOralTuesday, 02:20 PMB130
OX+EM+HC+MI+NS+SS+TF-TuAComplex Oxides: Catalysis, Dielectric Properties and Memory ApplicationsOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA220-221
TL+AS+SS+TF-TuABreakthroughs and Challenges in Applied Materials for Energy Transition (ALL INVITED SESSION) & Panel DiscussionOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA226
SS-TuPSurface Science Poster SessionPosterTuesday, 06:30 PMUnion Station B
HC+2D+SS-WeMExotic Nanostructured Surfaces for Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA213
OX+EM+MI+SS-WeMElectronic and Magnetic Properties of Complex Oxide Surfaces and InterfacesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA220-221
SS+AS+HC+OX-WeAReactions at Alloy Surfaces and Single Atom CatalysisOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA220-221
CA+NS+SS+VT-WeAChemical Analysis and Imaging of Liquid/Vapor/Solid Interfaces IOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA120-121
HC+OX+SS-WeAMetal-Support Interactions Driving Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA213
SS+AS+HC+TL-ThMSurface Science of Energy Conversion and StorageOralThursday, 08:00 AMA220-221
2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThMDopants, Defects, and Interfaces in 2D MaterialsOralThursday, 08:00 AMA216
DM+BI+SS-ThMMaterial Stabilities and Technology for Degradation ProtectionOralThursday, 08:00 AMA212
HC+2D+SS-ThMNanoscale Surface Structure in Heterogeneously-Catalyzed ReactionsOralThursday, 08:00 AMA213
LS+AS+SS-ThMOperando Methods for Unraveling Fundamental Mechanisms in Devices Towards Renewable EnergiesOralThursday, 08:00 AMA124-125
LS+HC+SS-ThMFrontiers of Time-resolved Techniques for Energy & Catalysis Highlight SessionOralThursday, 08:00 AMA124-125
TF+EM+NS+SS-ThMThin Films for Energy Harvesting and ConversionOralThursday, 08:00 AMA122-123
SS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThADynamics at Surfaces/Reactions and Imaging of Oxide SurfacesOralThursday, 02:20 PMA220-221
2D+AS+BI+HC+MN+NS+PS+SS+TL-ThASurface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio, Energy and Sensor ApplicationsOralThursday, 02:20 PMA216
CA+NS+SS+VT-ThAProgress in Instrumentation and Methods for Spectro-microscopy of InterfacesOralThursday, 02:20 PMA120-121
DM1+BI+SS-ThALow Fouling Interfaces and Environmental DegradationOralThursday, 02:20 PMA212
DM2+BI+SS-ThAFundamentals of Catalyst Degradation: Dissolution, Oxidation and SinteringOralThursday, 02:20 PMA212
HC+SS+TL-ThAReaction Pathways and Addressing Challenges for Energy Production in the 21st Century & Heterogeneous Catalysis Graduate Student Award PresentationOralThursday, 02:20 PMA213
LS+AC+HC+SS-ThAEmerging Methods with New Coherent Light SourcesOralThursday, 02:20 PMA210
PS+2D+EM+SS+TF-ThAPlasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer EtchingOralThursday, 02:20 PMB130
PS+SS-ThAPlasma Conversion and Enhanced Catalysis for Chemical SynthesisOralThursday, 02:20 PMB131
TF+SS-ThAMetal Halide Perovskites, Other Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Thin FilmsOralThursday, 02:20 PMA122-123
SS+HC+PS-FrMPlanetary, Ambient, and Operando EnvironmentsOralFriday, 08:20 AMA220-221
CA+AS+NS+SE+SS-FrMNovel Applications and Approaches in Interfacial AnalysisOralFriday, 08:20 AMA226
HC+SS-FrMCatalysis at Complex InterfacesOralFriday, 08:20 AMA213
SE+AS+SS-FrMTribology: From Nano to Macro-scaleOralFriday, 08:20 AMA215