MEMS and NEMS Group Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
MN-MoMMEMS, BioMEMS, and MEMS for Energy: Processes, Materials, and Devices IOralMonday, 08:20 AMA214
QS+EM+MN+NS-MoMHigh Coherence Qubits for Quantum ComputingOralMonday, 08:20 AMB231-232
TF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoMFunctional Thin Films: Ferroelectric, Multiferroics, and Magnetic MaterialsOralMonday, 08:20 AMA215
MN-MoAMicrofabricated Systems for Gas Chromatography and Nanomechanical Mass SensingOralMonday, 01:40 PMA214
2D+AP+EM+MI+MN+NS+PS+TF-MoANanostructures including Heterostructures and Patterning of 2D MaterialsOralMonday, 01:40 PMA124-125
QS+EM+MN+NS+VT-MoASystems and Devices for Quantum ComputingOralMonday, 01:40 PMB231-232
MN-TuMMEMS, BioMEMS, and MEMS For Energy: Processes, Materials, and Devices IIOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA214
2D+EM+MI+MN+NS+QS-TuMNovel Quantum PhenomenaOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA124-125
MN+QS-TuADevices for Quantum Information and Quantum NanomechanicsOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA214
QS+2D+EM+MN+NS-TuAMaterials for Quantum SciencesOralTuesday, 02:20 PMB231-232
2D+EM+MI+MN+NS+QS-WeMNovel 2D MaterialsOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA124-125
EM+2D+AS+MI+MN+NS+TF-WeMNanostructures and Nanocharacterization of Electronic and Photonic DevicesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA210
QS+2D+EM+MN+NS+VT-WeMMaterial Systems and Applications for Quantum SciencesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMB231-232
2D+EM+MN+NS-WeA2D Device Physics and ApplicationsOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA122-123
2D+AS+BI+HC+MN+NS+PS+SS+TL-ThASurface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio, Energy and Sensor ApplicationsOralThursday, 02:20 PMA122-123