Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Division Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
2D+EM+MI+NS-MoMProperties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal Properties IOralMonday, 08:20 AMA216
AC+LS+MI-MoMMagnetism, Complexity, Superconductivity, and Electron Correlations in the Actinides and Rare EarthsOralMonday, 08:20 AMA215
TF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoMFunctional Thin Films: Ferroelectric, Multiferroics, and Magnetic MaterialsOralMonday, 08:20 AMA122-123
2D+AP+EM+MI+MN+NS+PS+TF-MoANanostructures including Heterostructures and Patterning of 2D MaterialsOralMonday, 01:40 PMA226
2D+AP+EM+MI+NS+PS+TF-MoA2D Materials Growth and FabricationOralMonday, 01:40 PMA216
2D+AS+MI+NS-TuM2D Materials Characterization including Microscopy and SpectroscopyOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA216
2D+EM+MI+MN+NS+QS-TuMNovel Quantum PhenomenaOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA226
TF+EM+MI-TuMThin Films for Microelectronics, Photonics, and Optoelectronic ApplicationsOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA122-123
2D+EM+MI+NS-TuAProperties of 2D Materials including Electronic, Magnetic, Mechanical, Optical, and Thermal Properties IIOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA216
OX+EM+HC+MI+NS+SS+TF-TuAComplex Oxides: Catalysis, Dielectric Properties and Memory ApplicationsOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA220-221
MI+2D-WeMEmerging Multifunctional Magnetic Materials I and Magnetocaloric MaterialsOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA210
2D+AS+MI+NS-WeM2D Materials Characterization by Scanning Probe Microscopy and SpectroscopyOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA216
2D+EM+MI+MN+NS+QS-WeMNovel 2D MaterialsOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA226
EM+2D+AS+MI+MN+NS+TF-WeMNanostructures and Nanocharacterization of Electronic and Photonic DevicesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA214
OX+EM+MI+SS-WeMElectronic and Magnetic Properties of Complex Oxide Surfaces and InterfacesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA220-221
MI+2D-WeAEmerging Multifunctional Magnetic Materials IIOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA210
MI+2D+AS+EM-ThMNovel Magnetic Materials and Device Concept for Energy efficient Information Processing and StorageOralThursday, 08:00 AMA210
2D+EM+MI+NS+QS+SS-ThMDopants, Defects, and Interfaces in 2D MaterialsOralThursday, 08:00 AMA216
MI-ThPMagnetic Interfaces and Nanostructures Poster SessionPosterThursday, 06:30 PMUnion Station B