Applied Surface Science Division Sessions
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Session CodeSessionTypeTimeRoom
AS+BI+RA-MoMQuantitative Surface Analysis I/Reproducibility Issues in Quantitative XPSOralMonday, 08:20 AMA211
BI+AS+NS-MoMBiofabrication, Bioanalytics, Biosensors, Diagnostics, Biolubrication and WearOralMonday, 08:20 AMA120-121
BI+AS-MoACutting Edge Bio: Bio-Nano, Bio-Energy, 3D BioOralMonday, 01:40 PMA120-121
PS+AS+EM+SS+TF-MoAPlasma-Surface InteractionsOralMonday, 01:40 PMB130
RA+AS+NS+SS-MoAQuantitative Surface Analysis II/Big Data, Theory and ReproducibilityOralMonday, 01:40 PMA211
AS+BI+RA-TuMQuantitative Surface Analysis III/Other Surface Analysis MethodsOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA211
2D+AS+MI+NS-TuM2D Materials Characterization including Microscopy and SpectroscopyOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA216
AC+AS+LS-TuMChemistry and Physics of the Actinides and Rare EarthsOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA215
BI+AS-TuMCharacterization of Biological and Biomaterial SurfacesOralTuesday, 08:00 AMA120-121
AS+BI+CA+LS-TuABeyond Traditional Surface AnalysisOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA211
AC+AS+LS-TuAForensics, Science and Processing for Nuclear EnergyOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA215
BI+AS-TuABiomolecules and Biophysics and Interfaces & Flash SessionOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA120-121
TL+AS+SS+TF-TuABreakthroughs and Challenges in Applied Materials for Energy Transition (ALL INVITED SESSION) & Panel DiscussionOralTuesday, 02:20 PMA226
2D+AS+MI+NS-WeM2D Materials Characterization by Scanning Probe Microscopy and SpectroscopyOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA216
BI+AS-WeMMicrobes and Fouling at SurfacesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA120-121
EL+AS+EM+TF-WeMOptical Characterization of Thin Films and NanostructuresOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA212
EM+2D+AS+MI+MN+NS+TF-WeMNanostructures and Nanocharacterization of Electronic and Photonic DevicesOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA214
RA+AS+CA+PS+TF-WeMReproducibility in Science and Engineering, Including Materials and Energy SystemsOralWednesday, 08:00 AMA124-125
AS+CA+LS-WeAOperando Characterization Techniques for In situ Surface Analysis of Energy DevicesOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA211
HI+AS+CA-WeAAdvanced Ion Microscopy and Surface Analysis ApplicationsOralWednesday, 02:20 PMB231-232
NS+2D+AS-WeAProbing and Modifying Surface and Interfacial Chemistry at the NanoscaleOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA222
RA+AS+BI-WeAAddressing Reproducibility Challenges using Multi-Technique ApproachesOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA124-125
SE+AS+TF-WeANanostructured Thin Films and CoatingsOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA215
SS+AS+HC+OX-WeAReactions at Alloy Surfaces and Single Atom CatalysisOralWednesday, 02:20 PMA220-221
AS-ThMAdvances in Depth Profiling, Imaging and Time-resolved AnalysisOralThursday, 08:00 AMA211
CA+2D+AS+BI+NS-ThMChemical Analysis and Imaging of Liquid/Vapor/Solid Interfaces IIOralThursday, 08:00 AMA120-121
LS+AS+SS-ThMOperando Methods for Unraveling Fundamental Mechanisms in Devices Towards Renewable EnergiesOralThursday, 08:00 AMA124-125
MI+2D+AS+EM-ThMNovel Magnetic Materials and Device Concept for Energy efficient Information Processing and StorageOralThursday, 08:00 AMA210
SS+AS+HC+TL-ThMSurface Science of Energy Conversion and StorageOralThursday, 08:00 AMA220-221
AS-ThARole of Surfaces and Interfaces in Energy Material and Industrial ProblemsOralThursday, 02:20 PMA211
2D+AS+BI+HC+MN+NS+PS+SS+TL-ThASurface Chemistry, Functionalization, Bio, Energy and Sensor ApplicationsOralThursday, 02:20 PMA216
SS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThADynamics at Surfaces/Reactions and Imaging of Oxide SurfacesOralThursday, 02:20 PMA220-221
TF+AS+EL+PS+RA-ThACharacterization of Thin Film Processes and PropertiesOralThursday, 02:20 PMA124-125
AS-ThPApplied Surface Science Poster SessionPosterThursday, 06:30 PMUnion Station B
CA+AS+NS+SE+SS-FrMNovel Applications and Approaches in Interfacial AnalysisOralFriday, 08:20 AMA226
NS+AS-FrMElectron-Beam Promoted NanoscienceOralFriday, 08:20 AMA222
SE+AS+SS-FrMTribology: From Nano to Macro-scaleOralFriday, 08:20 AMA215