Implications of Implementation: Making Energy Transition a Reality (ALL INVITED SESSION) (TL+MS+VT-TuM)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 8:00AM, Room A212
Moderated by: Margaret Fitzgerald, Colorado School of Mines; Natalie Seitzman, Colorado School of Mines
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMTL+MS+VT-TuM-1The Energy Transition: Science and Technology Development Aspects
8:40 AMTL+MS+VT-TuM-3Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Across Scales: From Fundamental Mechanisms to Practical Applications
9:20 AMTL+MS+VT-TuM-5Perspectives on the Research and Development of Nanomaterials for Hydrogen Production
11:00 AMTL+MS+VT-TuM-10Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Ethiopia
11:20 AMTL+MS+VT-TuM-11Developing and Scaling Up the Manufacturing of Thin Film Materials for the Future of Energy Production, Storage, and Reduction
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