Surface Reaction Mechanisms in Energy Conversion (ALL INVITED SESSION) (TL+2D+HC+SS-MoA)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 1:40PM, Room A212
Moderated by: Marie Turano, Loyola University Chicago; Sarah Zaccarine, Colorado School of Mines
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
1:40 PMTL+2D+HC+SS-MoA-1Selective Photo-driven Organic Reactions on the Surfaces of Colloidal Quantum Dots
2:20 PMTL+2D+HC+SS-MoA-3Single-Atom Alloy Catalysts: Born in a Vacuum, Tested in Reactors, and Understood In Silico
3:00 PMTL+2D+HC+SS-MoA-5Understanding Fundamental Energy Conversion Mechanisms: How Surface Science Can Help
4:00 PMTL+2D+HC+SS-MoA-8Atomically-defined Model Interfaces in Energy-related Catalysis, Electrochemistry, and Photoelectrochemistry
4:40 PMTL+2D+HC+SS-MoA-10Controlling Ultrafast Photochemical Reactions in Photocatalysis
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