Thin Films for Electrochemistry and Energy Storage (TF-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room A216
Moderated by: Parag Banerjee, University of Central Florida; Jason Avila, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AMTF-MoM-1Enabling Energy Dense Lithium Batteries Using Thin Film Technology
9:00 AMTF-MoM-3Molecular Layer Deposition of Organic Li-containing Thin Film for Li Ion Solid-state Batteries
9:20 AMTF-MoM-4Organic/Inorganic Solid Electrolytes and Electrode Coatings for 3D Lithium-ion Microbatteries
9:40 AMTF-MoM-5Structural Rearrangement in LixV2O5 Thin Films, a Cathode Material for All-solid-state Batteries
10:00 AMTF-MoM-6Atomic Layer Deposition and Performance of Sodium and Potassium Electrolytes for Conformal Solid State Batteries
10:40 AMTF-MoM-8ALD as Tool for Bottom-up Synthesis of Catalyst Powders
11:40 AMTF-MoM-11Competition Between Incorporation and Desorption of Nitrogen in Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt and Cobalt Nitride Catalysts
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