Epitaxial Thin Films (TF+PS-TuA)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 2:20PM, Room A216
Moderated by: Subhadra Gupta, University of Alabama; Robert Grubbs, Micron Technology
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PMTF+PS-TuA-1In-situ Epitaxy of Ultrathin Ni Ferrite Films Studied by Surface Sensitive Time-resolved High Energy X-ray Diffraction
2:40 PMTF+PS-TuA-2Van der Waals Layer Promoted Heteroepitaxy in Sputter-deposited Transition-metal Carbide and Sulfide Thin Films
3:00 PMTF+PS-TuA-3Molecular Beam Epitaxy Applied to Tensile-Strained Quantum Dots for Quantum Optics and Band-Structure Engineering
5:00 PMTF+PS-TuA-9Low-temperature Homoepitaxial Growth of N-type Superlattices for Ultrastable, Ultrafast X-Ray and Charged Particle Detectors
5:20 PMTF+PS-TuA-10Epitaxial Growth of Ultrathin Molybedenum Nitrides on Ru(0001) and Ag(100)
5:40 PMTF+PS-TuA-11Using Time and Temperature of the Purge Step to Control Crystallinity, Phase Assemblage, and Epitaxy in Atomic Layer Deposited (ALD) Thin Films
6:00 PMTF+PS-TuA-12The Role of Template Layers in Heteroepitaxial ALD Growth of Crystalline La2O3 on GaN(0001)
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