Thin Films for Energy Harvesting and Conversion (TF+EM+NS+SS-ThM)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 8:00AM, Room A122-123
Moderated by: Siamak Nejati, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Xinwei Wang, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-1Redesigning Batteries into Efficient Energy Harvesters and Sensors for Wearable Applications
8:40 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-3Engineering Effective Back Contact Barrier by interfacial MoSe2 defect states for CZTSe: nanolayer Ge solar cells.
9:00 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-4Development of Low-Cost, Crack-Tolerant Metallization Using Screen Printing for Increased Durability of Silicon Solar Cell Modules
9:20 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-5Fabrication of Optical Test Structures for Enhanced Absorption in Thin Multi-junction Solar Cells
9:40 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-6Phosphorus as a p-Dopant in Pyrite FeS2, a Potential Low-cost earth-abundant Thin Film Solar Absorber
11:00 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-10Relaxor-ferroelectric Thin Films for Energy Harvesting from Low-grade Waste-heat
11:20 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-11Thermal Treatment Effects on the Thermoelectric Devices from Sn/Sn+SnO2 Thin Films
11:40 AMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-12Thermoelectric Properties of Efficient Thermoelectric Devices from Sb/Sb+SnO2 Thin Films
12:00 PMTF+EM+NS+SS-ThM-133D Printed Triboelectric Nanogenerator
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