Functional Thin Films: Ferroelectric, Multiferroics, and Magnetic Materials (TF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room A122-123
Moderated by: Christophe Vallee, LTM, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA-LETI, France; Jessica Kachian, Intel Corporation
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8:20 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-1A Room-Temperature Magnetoelectric Multiferroic made by Thin Film Alchemy
9:00 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-3Magnetic Losses in FeGa/NiFe/Al2O3 Laminates for Strain-Mediated Multiferroic Micro-Antenna Applications
9:20 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-4Multiferroic Gd-substituted HfO2Thin Films
9:40 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-5Epitaxial Growth of Antiferromagnetic NiO Films by Off-axis Sputtering for Spintronic Devices
10:00 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-6Structural and Magnetic Properties of CoPd Alloys for Non-Volatile Memory Applications
10:40 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-8Size Effects of the Electromechanical Response in Ferroic Thin Films: Phase Transitions to the Rescue
11:20 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-10Ferroelectrics Meet Ionics in the Land of van der Waals
11:40 AMTF+EM+MI+MN+OX+PS-MoM-11Adsorption-controlled Epitaxial Growth of the Hyperferroelectric Candidate LiZnSb on GaSb (111)
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