ALD and CVD: Precursors and Process Development (TF+AP-TuM)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 8:00AM, Room A216
Moderated by: Paul Poodt; Erwin Kessels, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:00 AMTF+AP-TuM-1Mechanism-Based Precursor Design for CVD of Metal Oxides and Sulfides
8:40 AMTF+AP-TuM-3Improved Control of Atomic Scale Processing: Characterization and Optimization of Precursor Mass Delivery Utilizing a Novel Thermal Sensor
9:00 AMTF+AP-TuM-4Effect of Co-Reactant on the Atomic Layer Deposition of Copper Oxide
9:20 AMTF+AP-TuM-5Electron Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (EE-ALD) of Cobalt Films and Development of New Hollow Cathode Plasma Electron Source
9:40 AMTF+AP-TuM-6Surface Science Studies of GaN Substrates Subjected to Plasma-Assisted Atomic Level Processes
11:00 AMTF+AP-TuM-10Reaction Pathways in Photolytic CVD of Platinum on Organic Thin Films
11:20 AMTF+AP-TuM-11Process Development and Mechanism Analysis of Low Temperature ALD TiN with TiCl4/Monomethylhydrazine
11:40 AMTF+AP-TuM-12Atomic Layer Deposition of Aluminum, Hafnium and Zirconium Oxyfluoride Films with Tunable Stoichiometry
12:00 PMTF+AP-TuM-13ALD on Thermally and Chemically Treated Fused Silica and Glass Surfaces
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