Surface Science Poster Session (SS-TuP)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 6:30PM, Room Union Station B
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6:30 PMSS-TuP-1Mechanistic Studies of Thermal Dry Etching of Cobalt and Iron Thin Films
6:30 PMSS-TuP-2Reaction of ZnO Nanomaterial with a Mixture of Gas-phase Prop-2-ynoic acid and Acetic Acid to Control Surface Coverage of Reactive Functional Groups
6:30 PMSS-TuP-3Platinum Deposition onto OH-terminated Si (100) and Boron-impregnated Si (100) Substrates
6:30 PMSS-TuP-4Barium Adsorption and De-wetting on W(112)
6:30 PMSS-TuP-5Self-Catalyzed Gas-Phase Cycloaddition on “Clickable” Nanostructured CuO Surface
6:30 PMSS-TuP-6XPS Study of the Gas Cluster Ion Beam Sputtering of PTFE and Oxygen-treated PTFE
6:30 PMSS-TuP-7Ultra-high Resolution Imaging of Polymers using Atomic Force Microscopy: Structure and Property at Nanoscale
6:30 PMSS-TuP-9Determining the Surface Electrical Potential at the Air/Water Interface
6:30 PMSS-TuP-10Surface Photovoltage Studies of UV-driven Hydrophilic Flipping in Polysulfone Thin Films
6:30 PMSS-TuP-11Tuning Spontaneous Supramolecular Assembly via Manipulation of Intermolecular Forces and Growth Environment
6:30 PMSS-TuP-12State-Resolved Dissociative Chemisorption Dynamics with RAIRS Product Detection
6:30 PMSS-TuP-13The Two-faced Role of Steps in the Isotopic Scrambling of Hydrogen on Pt
6:30 PMSS-TuP-14It’s Not just the Defects - How Terrace Symmetry Impacts H2O Adsorption at Ag Step Edges
6:30 PMSS-TuP-15Hydration Lubrication Between Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces
6:30 PMSS-TuP-17Common Errors in XPS Peak Fitting
6:30 PMSS-TuP-18Exploring the Extent of Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange on Au(111) between Molecularly-bound Surface Species
6:30 PMSS-TuP-19First–Principles Study of on-surface and Sub-surface Oxygen in Rh(111)
6:30 PMSS-TuP-20STM/S Study of Domain Walls and Atomic Defects on the Surface of Iron-based Superconductors
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