Planetary, Ambient, and Operando Environments (SS+HC+PS-FrM)
Friday, Oct 25 2019 8:20AM, Room A220-221
Moderated by: Catherine Dukes, University of Virginia; Petra Reinke, University of Virginia
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-1Is it Possible to Achieve Intra-molecular Resolution with Ambient AFM?
8:40 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-2Operando NAP-XPS and NAP-STM Investigation of CO Oxidation on CoO Nanoislands on Noble Metal Surfaces
9:00 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-3Seeing is Believing: Atomic-scale Imaging of Catalysts under Reaction Conditions
9:40 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-5Reaction of 2-Propanol on SnO2(110) Studied with Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
10:00 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-6Chemical Speciation and Structural Evolution of Rhodium and Silver Surfaces with High Oxygen Coverages
10:20 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-7Molecular Processes on Icy Surfaces in the Interstellar Medium and the Outer Solar System
11:20 AMSS+HC+PS-FrM-10Bilayer Silicates as Models for Space-weather-mediated Water-cycling Processes at the Interface of Airless Bodies
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