Dynamics at Surfaces/Reactions and Imaging of Oxide Surfaces (SS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 2:20PM, Room A220-221
Moderated by: Irene Groot, Leiden University, The Netherlands; William E. Kaden, University of Central Florida
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-1Adsorption, Reaction, and Diffusion of Energetic Reagents on Morphologically Diverse Thin Films
2:40 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-2Oxidation of Semiconductors and Semimetals by Supersonic Beams of O2 with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Visualization
3:00 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-3Studying Molecule-Surface Interactions using Rotational Orientation Control of Ground-State Molecular Beams
4:00 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-6Diffusion of (100)-epitaxially Supported 3D fcc Nanoclusters: Complex Size-dependence on the Nanoscale
4:20 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-7Oxide Surface Formation on Rh Nanoparticle during O2 Exposures Observed by Atom Probe Microscopy
4:40 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-8Noncontact AFM on Oxide Surfaces: Challenges and Opportunities
5:20 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-10Edge-Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reactivity at Au-Supported, Ultrathin Fe2O3 Electrocatalysts
5:40 PMSS+2D+AP+AS+OX+SE-ThA-11Adsorption and Reaction of Methanol on the Magnetite Fe3O4(001) Surface
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