Addressing Reproducibility Challenges using Multi-Technique Approaches (RA+AS+BI-WeA)
Wednesday, Oct 23 2019 2:20PM, Room A124-125
Moderated by: Tony Ohlhausen, Sandia National Laboratory; Vincent Smentkowski, GE-Research
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
2:20 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-1Responding to New and Old Challenges to Data, Analysis and Scientific Study Reproducibility
2:40 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-2Achieving Reproducible Data: Examples from Surface Analysis in Semiconductor Technology
3:00 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-3New Challenges in Analytical Reproducibility Illustrated with Old and New Case Studies
4:20 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-7Challenges and Approaches to Addressing Reproducibility in Biointerface Science and Engineering
5:00 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-9Complementary Measurements of Colloidal Nanoparticles and their Coatings by In-situ and Vacuum-based Methods
5:40 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-11Multiple Technique Analysis of Perovskite Materials used in Battery and Fuel Cell Components
6:00 PMRA+AS+BI-WeA-12Mapping Local Physical Properties by Combining ToF-SIMS Analysis with Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
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