High Coherence Qubits for Quantum Computing (QS+EM+MN+NS-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room B231-232
Moderated by: Vivekananda Adiga, IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center; Matteo Mariantoni, University of Waterloo, Canada
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8:20 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-1Measurement of a Two-Level-System Dipole Distribution in a Nanoscale Aluminum Oxide Barrier
8:40 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-2Mapping Quantum Systems to Quantum Computers using Symmetry
9:00 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-3History of Superconducting Qubit Coherence and the Current Challenges
9:40 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-5Loss and Decoherence Benchmarking of Superconducting Transmon Qubits
10:40 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-8Towards PAMBE Grown Nitride Superconductors for Epitaxial Josephson Junctions and Quantum Circuits
11:20 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-10Josephson Junction Metrology for Superconducting Quantum Device Design
11:40 AMQS+EM+MN+NS-MoM-11Superconducting Metamaterial Resonator Spectrum and Interaction with Qubit
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