Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas (PS1+SE-MoM)
Monday, Oct 21 2019 8:20AM, Room B131
Moderated by: Michael Gordon, University of California at Santa Barbara; François Reniers, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AMPS1+SE-MoM-1On the Versatility of Atmospheric Non-equilibrium Plasmas: Material Synthesis, Packaging Sanitation and Oncological Applications
9:00 AMPS1+SE-MoM-3Spectroscopic Characterization of a Multi-pins Plasma System
9:20 AMPS1+SE-MoM-4Breaching Debye Law by Coupling of Y2O3 Vapor Carrying Focused Atmospheric ICP Beam Penetrating Showernead's Holes with Opposite CCP Discharge during Chemical Corrosion Barrier Coating in Open Air
9:40 AMPS1+SE-MoM-5Streamers Effects in Cold Atmospheric Plasma Applications: Coatings, Gas Conversion, Surface Chemistries
10:00 AMPS1+SE-MoM-6Improved Water Intrusion Resistance on Adhesive Bonded Metals using Atmospheric CVD SiO2 Barrier Coatings
10:40 AMPS1+SE-MoM-8OES Imaging and Double Langmuir Probe Studies of Flow-through, Supersonic Microplasma Jet Sources
11:00 AMPS1+SE-MoM-9Time-resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet – Surface Interaction
11:20 AMPS1+SE-MoM-10Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas As Ionization Sources For Atomic, Molecular, And Biological Mass Spectrometry
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