Plasma Science and Technology Poster Session (PS-TuP)
Tuesday, Oct 22 2019 6:30PM, Room Union Station B
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6:30 PMPS-TuP-2Low-temperature Atmospheric Plasma Deposition of Photocatalytic Doped Anatase TiO2 Coatings on Polymer Substrates
6:30 PMPS-TuP-3Radical Nitriding of Silicon Surface Promoted by Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold Nanoparticle Catalyst
6:30 PMPS-TuP-4Development and Characterization of a Small-Scale Helical Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Studying Plasma-Surface Interactions
6:30 PMPS-TuP-5Characteristics of Magnetized High Density Plasma and its Applications
6:30 PMPS-TuP-6The Effect of Ionic Strength on the Absorption Spectrum of Plasma-Injected Solvated Electrons
6:30 PMPS-TuP-7Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching of Copper Thin Film using Organic Chemicals and Alcohols
6:30 PMPS-TuP-8High Resolution Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Analysis for Fusion Reactor and Plasma Facing Materials
6:30 PMPS-TuP-9Controlled Layer-by-Layer Etching of Copper Thin Films
6:30 PMPS-TuP-10Effects of Bias on Quasi-Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide by Cyclic Ar/C4F8/O2 and Ar Plasmas
6:30 PMPS-TuP-11Electron Beam Generated Produced Plasmas Produced in Oxygen: Measurements and Simulations
6:30 PMPS-TuP-12Silicon Micro-Channel Definition Via ICP Plasma Etching Process Using Different Hard Masks
6:30 PMPS-TuP-13Corrosion Barrier Coatings for Aerospace Materials Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure CVD
6:30 PMPS-TuP-14Atmospheric Pressure Plasma: An Alternative Tool for the Synthesis of Efficient Photocatalytic Materials
6:30 PMPS-TuP-15Synthesis of Functional Polydopamine using Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
6:30 PMPS-TuP-16Effect of Cx(x=4~7)F8 on the Etch Properties in Inductively Coupled Plasmas
6:30 PMPS-TuP-17Effect of Surface Charge Accumulation on Ion Current Distribution in Radio-frequency Magnetron Discharges
6:30 PMPS-TuP-18The Research of a Oxide Thin Films to be Etched Process Under Cryogenic Conditions
6:30 PMPS-TuP-19Plasma Etching High Aspect Ratio Carbon Nanotube Structures for a Neural Probe
6:30 PMPS-TuP-20NOx Fixation by Atmospheric Pressure N2/O2 Filamentary DBD Plasma over Water: Physicochemical Mechanisms of Plasma-Liquid interactions
6:30 PMPS-TuP-21Simulation Study of Capacitively Coupled Radio Frequency Silane/Hydrogen Plasma Discharges - Effect of Tailored Voltage Waveforms
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