Emerging Methods with New Coherent Light Sources (LS+AC+HC+SS-ThA)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 2:20PM, Room A214
Moderated by: Germán Rafael Castro, Spanich CRG BM25-SpLine Beamline at the ESRF
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
4:00 PMLS+AC+HC+SS-ThA-6Resolving X-ray Based Spectroscopies in the Sub-nanometer Regime: Enabling Atomic Scale Insights into CO Adsorption on Thin Film Surfaces
4:20 PMLS+AC+HC+SS-ThA-7Imaging with XPS: Advanced Characterization for Advanced Materials and Devices
4:40 PMLS+AC+HC+SS-ThA-8Time-Resolved Photoemission with Free-Electron Lasers
5:20 PMLS+AC+HC+SS-ThA-10Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics on the Nanoscale
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