Reaction Pathways and Addressing Challenges for Energy Production in the 21st Century & Heterogeneous Catalysis Graduate Student Award Presentation (HC+SS+TL-ThA)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 2:20PM, Room A213
Moderated by: Sanjaya Senanayake, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Arthur Utz, Tufts University
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2:20 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-1High Resolution XPS to Identify CxHy Surface Species on a Cobalt Model Catalyst: New Experimental Evidence for the Importance of Alkylidynes as Growth Intermediates in Fischer-Trospch Synthesis
2:40 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-2Beam Reflectivity Measurements of Carbon Dissolution on Nickel Single Crystal Catalysts
3:00 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-3Fundamental Research Opportunities to Advance Energy Technologies
4:00 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-6Oxidation and Redox-Mediated Transformation of a Tb2O3 Thin Film from the Cubic Fluorite to Bixbyite Structure
4:20 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-7Discrimination of Surface Storage and Mechanistic Pathways Using Dynamic Pulse Response Experiments
4:40 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-8Nuclearity Effects in Supported Zinc and Gallium Catalysts for Alkane Dehydrogenation
5:20 PMHC+SS+TL-ThA-10Fundamental Insights into Hydrocarbon Conversion Mechanisms in Lewis and Brønsted Acid Zeolites using Temporal Analysis of Products
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