Nanoscale Surface Structure in Heterogeneously-Catalyzed Reactions (HC+2D+SS-ThM)
Thursday, Oct 24 2019 8:00AM, Room A213
Moderated by: Rebecca Fushimi, Idaho National Laboratory; Alex C. Schilling, Tufts University
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SchedulePaper #Invited TalkTitle
8:20 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-2Low-temperature Investigation of Propylene on TiO2/Au(111)
8:40 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-3Structure and Reactivity of Supported Oxide and Metal Nanoparticles
9:20 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-5Catalysis by Well-defined Oxide Nanostructures: From Atomic-scale Properties to Rational Design
9:40 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-6Structural and Chemical Effects of Cesium on the Cu(111) and CuxO/Cu(111) Surface
11:00 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-10Mythbusting: From Single Crystals in UHV to Catalytic Reactors
11:40 AMHC+2D+SS-ThM-12Cooperativity Between Pd and AgOx Phases on Ag(111)
12:00 PMHC+2D+SS-ThM-13Migration Across Metal/Metal Oxide Interfaces: Enhancing the Reactivity of Ag Oxide with H2 by the Presence of Pd/Pd Oxide
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